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Argo Cat Driving Event Near Crawley

Price Starts From 44.99
Argo Cat Driving Event near Crawley. Purpose built courses. Max of two Argocats on the track at any one time. Min age: 14.
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Argo Cat Driving Event Crawley

Argo cats come in both a 6 wheel and 8 wheeled version.

There is no steering wheel on our 6 Wheel Amphibious allterrain 18 hp vanguard vehicle which is designed to go almost anywhere they are controlled by two levers with the ability  to lock up one side of 3 wheels to enable it to turn within its own circumference! Make sure you hold on tight as these Argocats are even a challenge to control and will test the most skilled drivers. Their small size makes maneuvering and drifting these all terrain vehicles an exhilarating experience which will definitely have you sliding around the corners before you know it!

Getting the hang of the levers to steer the blooming thing is the real test of skill! It is possible to spin the Argo Cat through 360 degrees by jamming on the brakes of one side whilst applying fully power to the other. This makes doing "donuts" in an Argo cat both easy and amazing fun!

An argocat can go almost anywhere. The special track that has been constructed will demonstrate just some of the extreme terrain that even a novice can cajole an Argo cat to overcome. From seemingly impossible inclines to the boggiest of muddy holes the Argo cat will take you on an amazing journey of discovery.

An Instructor will sit with you in the argocat at all times normally instructing and demonstrating but occasionally screaming!

The special track is fairly tight and we only allow two Argo cats on it at any one time for safety and for your comfort.  Every person in the group will receive unlimited goes on the Argo cat as time allows in the hour long session.

There is an age restriction in that participants must be over 14. 

  • Minimum Age: 14
  • Minimum Number: 6
  • Maximum Number: 12
  • TimeStart: 9:00 10:00 11:00 12:30 13:30 14:30 15:30
  • Quick Summary of Inclusions: All Necessary Equipment
  • Duration in Minutes: 60
  • Suitable for: Adult Party, Daytime Venue, Hen and Stag Parties, Staff Day Out
  • Not Suitable for: Children, Epileptics, Pacemaker Carriers, People with hearing problems, People with heart conditions, Pregnant Women, Visually Impaired People, Wheelchair Users
  • What You Need: Change of Clothes, Driving License, Old Clothes, PhotoID, Proof of Age, Walking Boots
  • 5.0

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