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Cambridge Activities & Things to Do

Things to Do & Activities for groups in Cambridge

There is more to the city of Cambridge than just its university and people riding on bikes. It can be an interesting place to go for a little weekend away.


University Town

Getting To Cambridge

Just off the A1303, Cambridge is one of the country’s most well-known cities. So in other words it’s a place that most of you will have no trouble at all finding. Its only around 50 miles north of London. So heading towards London will 99/100 also see signs for Cambridge as well.

What’s On & When To Go

Well truth be told you can visit Cambridge any time you want, but if you hate students then it’s a good idea to make sure they all have their tax dodging behinds back home….. we kid, we kid, we love students! Seriously though, Cambridge is a place that is at its best during the summer months. You can have a picnic on their expansive parks. There are numerous festivals and events going on and you can even go punting on their world famous River Cam, well world famous may be a bit of an exaggerating, but on a nice summers day a punt down the river is amazing. Cambridge has a whole line up that they call the “Summer Of Events” which as I am sure you have guessed happens during the summer months.


Well to start with you can try and enrol in the University, but if that is not your thing then have a look at our little selection of some of the fun things you can get up to in Cambridge.

Walking/Cycle Tour, Cambridge is well known for being flat and that it is great for a bike ride. While for some people a walking tour of a city is not something they would consider a highlight of a weekend away. Cambridge actually is a very picturesque place. And as well as walking tours the city has a tremendous amount of cycle paths so you can even go on a cycle tour of the city if you want. Not to many other places offer something like this so if you like to go for bike rides it well worth looking into.

University Of Cambridge’s Fitzwilliam Museum, this place is free to enter and they house a fine collection of art and antiques from all kinds of ancient civilisations. If you are taking a girlfriend or boyfriend away for the weekend. This is a great place to go as first of all it makes you seem cultured and secondly its FREE.

Kings College Chapel, If you appreciate fine architecture then you will fall in love with this place. Even those of you who do not think of yourselves as interested in this sort of thing will be in awe of this place. As well as truly looking amazing, Kings College Chapel is well known for its popular choir.

The Centre For Computing History, This is an amazing place if you are into things like computers and video games. It’s really cool to see how far computers have come and they even let you mess around on some of them. The Centre For Computing History also has various events on during the year.

As far as the food in Cambridge goes. Its more than fair to say that no matter what you are looking for you will find it. Be it a nice pub mean, fast food or a nice and swanky place to impress someone.

After Dark

As a student city you will have a good idea that Cambridge has just a staggering amount of pubs and night clubs for you to go to. There are some student specific ones, but there are more than enough “regular” places if you do not want to mix with students.

As a city of culture, Cambridge has some of the biggest acts from the West End tour there. And there are even smaller local plays put on in the various theatres in the city as well.

If you fancy some family entertainment then Cambridge also has a cool bowling alley and a Cineworld cinema as well.

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