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Clay Pigeon Shooting

Clay Pigeon Shooting
Day Activities
Clay Pigeon Shooting Northern Ireland - 25 targets

Here is our guide to Clay Pigeon Shooting across various locations in UK.

A keen eye is what you need to splinter these flying clays. It is one of the popular shooting event and a fun daytime pursuit. Clay Pigeon shooting is an activity tried and tested for all group types and skill levels. What’s best is that you won’t even rustle the feather of any real pigeons.

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What Clay Pigeon Shooting is all about?

An outdoor shooting event which involves a short gun to shoot down a circular flying disc made of clay. Clay pigeon shooting is a popular shooting sport with its history dating back to 1831, when real birds such as pigeons were shot, later it developed to shooting glass balls and eventually was replaced by discs made of clay. Today clay pigeon shooting is one of the most popular and liked shooting event among all age groups and skill levels. It is not any rocket science, just hand-eye coordination and you are done with it. So, hone up your shooting skills with this fun event.

What you need to know?

Clay pigeon shooting includes around 20 different forms of disciplines which are grouped under three categories – ‘Trap’, ‘Skeet’, and ‘Sporting’ respectively. Each discipline has got its own set of rules and can be shot in any regulated competition or as a leisure event.

Trap – This shooting category includes a number of disciplines i.e. Down the line (DTL), Automatic Ball Trap (ABT), Double Rise, Olympic Trap and Universal Trench. The trap is stationed at 15 metres in front of the shooter throwing single or double clay targets away from the shooter at a different height, angle and even speed. Trap shooting has been a sport since 1793 and till date remains a popular one.

Skeet – A fun shooting form discovered by Charles E Davies – a bird hunter, in 1915 when it was called as “Clock shooting”. Skeet is of three types; English Skeet, American Skeet, and Olympic Skeet. This include two traps both throwing two consistent targets for the shooter.
The most popular among these is the English Skeet which allows the players to shoot at the target from seven shooting stands. Skeet is largely shot as a group up to 5 people; each group member take turns at the first stand before the whole group move to the second. It’s a fun shooting routine for all skill levels.

Sporting – A free style shooting event, and a popular shooting discipline, English sporting do not have any such set rules regarding the target speed, angle, distance etc. The sporting layouts are spread around the shooting ground allowing the targets to resemble as if emerging from trees, bushes and banks. 

Clay shooting guns

 Mostly shot guns used in clay shooting event are loaded with hundreds of small metal balls, usually lead shots. It takes about three lead shots to break the clay, mostly clay shooters use shot guns with a barrel diameter of 18.5mm.

Clay pigeon traps

This machine dispenses flying clays out in the air up to a distance of 120 metres. Each trap can hold 400 clays and are automatic which throw a clay target every time the remote is pressed or the acoustic sensor is operated.

Why we recommend it?

Clay Pigeon Shooting is a fun shooting event designed for all skill levels. Enjoyed by all age groups and group types you don’t have to be seasoned shooter to give it a try. A popular team event among stag/hen groups, corporate teams, teens, and even oldies. Its all about precision and control. Clay pigeon is popular among all, from a novice to a pro. What more? Clay Pigeon Shooting has also taken a prominent place in Olympic Shooting competitions and other events.

England has got some amazing clay shooting grounds which provides the perfect setting for a fun-filled day of clay shooting routines. With professional trainers to help you’ll love to try it out any day. You don’t have to bring anything, all necessary equipments and safety gear is provided by the activity centre. 

Clay Pigeon Shooting Association(CPSA) is the governing body for clay target shooting in England which hosts a number of clay shooting championships all round the year for shooters. This association also holds a list of clubs, coaches and teams in England. CPSA manages clay target shooting for 25,000 of its members along with 400 clubs and grounds which are associated with it.

Who can give it a try?

Clay pigeon shooting is a sport which is designed for all age groups and skill levels. Shooters as young as ten can even give it a shot with a lighter gun like a 20 guage, but only under the guidance of a professional instructor. These short guns and ammunitions are provided at the clay pigeon shooting centre. What more? Beginners can start on with some practice session before heading for the final shoot.

It is recommended to take all safety measures before heading for the shooting event, earmuffs and other safety gears are advised for shooters.

Top destinations for Clay Pigeon Shooting in England :

Bath Clay Pigeon Shooting :

Clay pigeon shooting in Bath has always been fun with loads of excitement for all. From a novice, to a seasoned shooter everyone can try this popular daytime pursuit. You will love our choice of picturesque shooting grounds in Bath which provides a perfect setting for a fun-filled day of shooting.

We have professional instructors to guide you and tell you the techniques of this shooting event. So, keep your eyes wide open and splinter those flying clays in the air like an ace shooter. Nothing to worry, all necessary equipments and safety gears are available at the activity centre.

Blackpool Clay Pigeon Shooting :

Time to test your shooting skills in one of our top shooting grounds in Blackpool. Clay pigeon shooting will be a smart way to explore a new dimension. Handling these short guns will be fun.

So, get in to action and start splintering those flying clays like a pro. Its all about perfect hand-eye coordination and control. After few practice sessions under the guidance of our experts, you’ll get the hang of it! Trust us nothing could match this all time favourite shooting event in Blackpool. Whether you are here on your stag weekends, hen weekends, corporate events or team building event; clay pigeon shooting will be an ideal daytime event to look for. You can even combine your clay pigeon shooting event with other team events. So put on your tweed jackets and go for it!

Brighton Clay Pigeon Shooting :

Why not start your day with some clay shooting action in Brighton? Being a popular team event among stag and hen groups; clay pigeon shooting is a smart way to spend a quality time with your family and friends. Ideal for all age groups and skill levels, you have many reasons to give it a try.

No matter you are trying this for the first time or you have done this before, fun is assured. Our selection of shooting grounds in Brighton remains the top clay shooting centres which provide you with the best shooting equipments and professional instructors for guidance. Beginners can start with some practice session, so put on your tweed jackets and head out to those scenic outdoors for your Brighton clay pigeon shooting day.

Bristol Clay Pigeon Shooting :

Whether shooting is your forte or not, clay shooting in Bristol will be something you will love to try out any day. Our picturesque shooting grounds in Bristol provide the perfect setting for a fun-filled clay pigeon shooting day with your family and friends.

So, keep your eyes on those flying clays and pull the trigger at the right time. Splintering those flying clays will be fun, so go for it! No matter you are here on your stag weekends, hen weekends, corporate events or team building day, clay shooting would be ideal. From a small group of 8 to large groups of 20 or more people, clay pigeon shooting is a perfect way to enjoy with your friends or colleagues.

Manchester Clay Pigeon Shooting :

Being a top weekend destination, Manchester has got plenty of daytime ideas for everyone, but if you crave for some cool shooting action, then nothing could match the clay pigeon shooting event.

Perfect for all skill levels you’ll love to splinter those flying clays in the air, so keep your eyes wide open and push the trigger on time. Beginners may miss few shots, but soon you will get the hang of it. We have got some picturesque shooting grounds in Manchester with all modern shooting amenities and equipments for a fun-filled day of shooting action. Our professional instructors will be always there to guide you through out your shooting in Manchester.

Newcastle Clay Pigeon Shooting :

Are you bored partying all night or looking for a break? Let’s do something exciting and new. Well, nothing could beat the likes of our all time favourIte clay pigeon shooting event in Newcastle. This shooting event is a perfect way to clear off your head after a heavy night of drinking. Full on fun and excitement you’ll love to splinter those flying clays in the air.

Perfect for all skill levels and group types, clay pigeon shooting has always been a formidable team sport, that brings out the shooter in you to experience something you’ll rememer for long. We have got a choice of clay pigeon shooting centres in Brighton which are perfect for a fun-filled clay pigeon shooting day.

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