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Things to do in Bodmin

Listed below are all the things to do in Bodmin, Cornwall that we offer through GoBananas. We can reserve and book more than 250 different and exciting activities and experiences. Everything within 25 miles of Bodmin is displayed by activity type below. Choosing stuff to do in Bodmin has never been so easy!

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Bodmin, Cornwall Bodmin Cornwall in a civil parish and a major town in Cornwall, England although it's population is only about 15,000 it is considered to have more Urban than country character. Bodmin has an interesting history as it dates back to at least the middle ages. It is known as the site of three rebellions, the Cornish tax rebellion of 1497, then again in the same year a man named Perkin Warbeck tried to take the throne away from Henry the VII, he failed, but had he managed to accomplish his goal some of the wives of Henry the VII successor, Henry the VIII may have enjoyed a much longer and happier life. The last rebellion occurred in 1549 and was known as the Prayer Book Rebellion, when the Catholics of the area tried to rise up against changes in the traditional religion instituted by Edward VI. Bodmin is also well known for the St. Petroc Parish Church whose tower still stands (even though the church itself has been rebuilt.) and the Bodmin jail that saw to execution of over 50 inmates and was the hiding place of the Doomsday Book and crown jewels during World War I

Getting There

If you are looking to visit Bodmin, getting there is quite easy as you can travel by car, train, air, or coach. The area is well serviced and if you visit Bodmin in May or at Christmas time, the crowds are thinner and you can enjoy all the area has to offer.

Amazing Things to Do

Bodmin offers some really unique and amazing things to do. The really outdoorsy and active visitors may really enjoying renting a bike and cycling the camel trails 22 mile train to the coast. There are also preserves to explore as well.

For the more adventure minded you can watch a reenactment of the Mathew Weekes murder trial of 1844 as a member of the jury. Visitors find this experience truly unique and the verdict isn't as cut and dried as one might think.

For those history buffs a visit to the Bodmin jail or the Lanhydrock house and gardens or a train ride on the Bodmin and Wenford railway steam train offers loads of interest and fun.

Bodmin lacks much of the traditional nightlife, many people from the big city expect, but for those whose enjoy the unusual taking part in the Bodmin Jail night ghost walk with a medium followed in a visit to the Hole in the Wall Prison turned pub, could offer a slightly eerie, but fun experience.

Special Events

Bodmin offers a few interesting special events such as beating the bounds (walking the boundaries of Bodmin) and the game of hurling which takes place every 5 years. The Parish Church also holds an annual Christmas tree festival.

Accommodations and Dining

There are plenty of places to stay in Bodmin from hotels to Bed and Breakfast establishments. While some of the accommodations are modern there are plenty of places to stay that offer a bit of historical perspective. Dining is mostly casual and fun and one can enjoy traditional fish and chips at the Welcome Stranger, Or stop at the Red Lion Inn for BBQ Fish and Tapas, or enjoy a little traditional English Fayre at the Cornish Arms pub.

While it may lack in some of the more traditional vacation activities, Bodmin Cornwall offers visitors a fun and unique vacation experience that most visitors find refreshing.

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