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Things to do in Carlisle

Highlighted below is everything that we recommend for Carlisle in Cumbria. We can book or reserve on your behalf a whole pile of activities within a 25 mile radius of the town centre. Call us if you need more information or wish to find out about other activities within a greater range of Carlisle

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Things to do and see in Carlisle

Carlisle is based in Cumbria in the north east of England. Carlisle offers a plenty of modern attractions, and it has a strong history as well. This historical town has always been popular with tourists and is perhaps best known for the Hadrian’s Wall landmark.

Travelling to Carlisle

Carlisle is easy to travel to via train and plane; there are also good bus links. If driving to Carlisle, the main motorway is the M6.

Major Railway Stations and Airports

The major airport is Carlisle Airport and it is based close to Carlisle city. The airport is a good starting point for visitors as it is situated close to Lake District National Park. The main railway station is Carlisle rail station, although it is often referred to as Carlisle Citadel Station. There are good air and rail links with most major cities in the UK.

Landmarks in Carlisle

One of the best known landmarks in Carlisle is Hadrian’s Wall. Other landmarks include Carlisle castle, Carlisle cathedral and Magic Castle.

Must see places to visit in Carlisle

Hadrian’s Wall is one of must see places to visit in Carlisle and there is a national trail that will allow visitors to explore the Roman countryside along the route. Other popular places are the Carlisle cathedral and the castle. There is also a nature reserve for people that enjoy the outdoors.


Places to visit during the day

Carlisle Cathedral and castle are the two most obvious places to visit during the day and Hadrian’s Wall is one of the places that must be seen. The Birdoswald Fort is a place of historic significance and it is a good stop off place for visitors. Bitts Park isn’t far from the castle, so provided the weather is good, it is a great place for picnics. There is a Citadel to explore and the Town Hall has historic significance. There are several museums including the Guildhall Museum. Sands Centre is the ideal venue for team building activities as they offer a wide wage of sporting activities. The centre is also a popular venue for entertainment events such as shows and concerts. Eden Rock is a popular indoor climbing centre and there is an indoor bowling centre called AMF Bowling; these are both idea venues for team building activities and fun days out. For a more cultural day out there are numerous art galleries and museums to visit; the Town Hall and Guild Hall are also popular spots with tourists.

Places to visit in the evening

There are plenty of night time venues in Carlisle. Club Rock, The Melting Pot and Soul in the City are all well-known night spots. For live music, there is the English Gate Plaza Live Music Lounge. The Calva Bar is good for live music, and it also hosts regular quiz nights. Botchergate and The Source are also excellent places to go and listen to late night music and discover new bands. In addition, Carlisle has plenty of restaurants to offer and there are a wide range of cuisines to choose from. Some of the best know restaurants are Royal Outpost, which offers Thai and Malaysian foods, and the Alexandros Greek restaurant.

Festivals in Carlisle

In July, the Patriot games, Festival of Sport is hosted. There is a pageant puppet arcade in August and the festival of reading and writing is held in September. The Christmas lights are switched on in December and there are special fireworks events in November. Others festivals of interest are the photo festival in April, the Blues and Rock Festival in November and the classical music festival in July.

Sports in Carlisle

The Carlisle United football club is based at the Brunton Park football ground and the local cricket club is located in Stanwix. Fans of horse racing will want to visit the local racing course where fixtures are held throughout the year; the race course also hosts music events and previous guests have included Jessie J. and the Kaiser Chiefs. Carlisle also has some impressive golf facilities including the Eden Golf Course and the Carlisle Golf Centre.

Best times of year to visit

The summer in Carlisle is described as warm, but not excessively hot so this would be a good time for getting out and indulging in some of the outdoor activities.

Worst Times of year to visit

Visitors might want to avoid Carlisle during periods of heavy rain as the some areas have been known to flood.

Places to Avoid in Carlisle

Locals say there aren’t many trouble spots, and certainly no more than anywhere else in the UK; however, some people warn that Wigton is an area to avoid. The other advice is to be careful at night as there can be some rowdiness once the pubs have closed, but otherwise Carlisle is described as a quiet area.

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