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Things to do in Keswick

Listed below are all the things to do in Keswick, Cumbria that we offer through GoBananas. Being part of the Lake district mean we have lots of  different and exciting activities and experiences available close by. Everything within 25 miles of Keswick is displayed by activity type below. Choosing stuff to do in Keswick has never been so easy!

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The historic town of Keswick in the county of Cumbria is every tourist’s delight, with the surrounding areas boasting of beautiful natural landscapes as well as plenty of opportunities for wholesome family fun.

Its two most famous events – the annual beer festival and the annual jazz festival – are a huge hit with both locals and visitors. While the former takes place in June, the latter enthralls music lovers in May, attracting some of the best performers from across the country.

No visitor to Keswick can miss the legendary Theater by the Lake, where performances are held throughout the year, including critically acclaimed plays, music, film and dance recitals.
While buses connect Keswick to major cities around the area, people prefer to simply drive up in a car as it is well connected by the road network. Once there, tourists can indulge in numerous outdoor adventure activities which will keep them entertained and on their toes for entire day at a stretch.

Numerous biking and walking trails that take participants through beautiful country side roads and unexplored tracks are very popular. For rock climbing, enthusiasts head to Borrowdale where trained professionals guide you through the process of enjoying the experience to the fullest. You can also try fishing and kayaking in areas around the time for a relaxing time.
For the more athletically inclined, in addition, there is the half marathon held in May, coursing its way through the scenic beauty of the area.

The Cumberland Pencil Museum and Keswick Museum and Art Gallery are other popular destination, besides the pre-historic Castlerigg stone circle which attracts numerous history buffs every year. Then there is the Dove Cottage and Wordsworth Museum, where the world renowned poet William Wordsworth made his home after falling in love with the spectacular beauty of the place.

Just like places to visit, Keswick offers plenty of opportunities to experience the local delicacies at their finest while also offering the chance to find cuisine from across the world served in restaurants across the town.

Some of the best places to head to for a great dinner are The Restaurant at The Cottage in the Wood, Ivy House and The Chalet Tearooms and Restaurant. Along with great food, the places are managed by friendly locals who are ever ready to serve with a smile and indulge in light conversation – creating a family atmosphere for even first time visitors.
In the evening, it is best to head to one of the pubs including The George, The Dog and Gun and Café Bar 26 where you can have a quick meal and spend time with friends drinking late into the night. For those looking for a great way to spend late evenings, the pubs and bars are the best places to head to, as it will be difficult to find night clubs that stay open all night here.

But given the number of activities Keswick offers during the day, most people find no reason to complain. Just wake up early, head outdoors in the day and return in the evening for a long dinner and drinks with friends – in short, live the perfect life!

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