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Things to do in Weymouth

Listed below are all the things to do in Weymouth, Dorset that we offer through GoBananas. Days out, activity packages and activities, we can arrange it all with or without accommodation and transport. Everything within 25 miles of Weymouth is displayed by activity type below. We may increase the range if there is not allot showing in the results.  Thats not our fault ;-)

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If you are looking for an adventure in England that is seaside and full of harbor and visitor attractions, Weymouth and Porland in Dorset, England are two beautiful destinations. Weymouth and Portland National Sailing Academy has plenty of sailing events and even was the location of the 2012 Olympic games. The area is home to plenty of history, if that is your forté, including history of the Black Plague, settlement and war. Generally, you will find plenty of indoor and outdoor activities in Dorset in these two areas, with plenty of fun times to be had visiting the sights.

Weymouth Beach and Nothe Fort are two major landmarks in Weymouth that travelers love to see before leaving the area. Top attractions in Portland include the Portland Museum and Tout Quarry. Water sports and fun are both popular in the entire Dorset area, and you can find plenty of diving in the Portland Marina and near Weymouth beach. The area is also known for its hiking and biking activities, as well as its paracademies. If sports are not in your favor, simply visiting the sights, seeing the architecture and exploring the lasting memories of the ancient culture through ruins can be quite enjoyable.

Dorset, being both in the South of England and near water, can have fairly moderate temperatures in the Autumn and Spring, but since it is known for its water sports, you would probably want to visit in the Summer for the best weather. Winters can get rather cold in the area, as well as raining and snowing quite a bit. The Bournemouth Air Festival is also one of the top visiting festivals in all of England taking place in the Summer of every year. If you are looking to see the sights, such as the castles and ruins of the area, you will want the temperature to be moderate as well.

During the day, there are plenty of sights to see and activities to do. Dorset is mainly rural, with plenty of towns and small villages to explore as well as beautiful landscapes. This makes for plenty of outdoor activities and makes it a top sporting vacation spot. During the day and night, you can expect to find a great number of local specialties including apple cake, cream teas and blue vinney chese, as well as plenty of breweries considering it is home to Badger Best Bitter, Tanglefoot, Palmers, and other brewing companies. Considering Portland is an island, many travel to and from it to Weymouth, as the island can be seen from the Weymouth beach. Because of Portland's specificity of water, sailing, windsurfing, rock climbing, cycling and hiking are popular activities.

If you are looking to have a great time in Weymouth and Portland Isle in the Dorset area of England, check out Go Bananas for day time and night time activities by area. There is plenty to do for every person to have a fulfilling vacation no matter where you are traveling, and we hope to keep you updated on all the best activities for the wild adventurer to the person looking to relax.

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