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Gloucester Activity Ideas & Things to Do

Things to Do & Activities for groups in Gloucester

Guide to the city of Gloucester- what to do in the Gloucester and the surrounding area

Gloucester Day Activities
Gloucester Night Activities


The city of Gloucester is well known for their rugby team. But it can also serve as a different place for a weekend getaway.

Gloucester is really the kind of place you would go if you wanted a more romantic, picturesque kind of mini break, rather than a weekend of wild parties.

How To Get To Gloucester

The city of Gloucester lies eerily close to the Welsh border, I am just kidding I love Wales! Seriously though, it is located in the South West around 30 miles North of Bristol. If you are heading there from the North then the M5 is the best route.

Like most English cities of its size, Gloucester is not a place that is going to cause you any major problems in finding

What’s On & When To Go

Like most places in the UK, Gloucester has more going on in the summer months than it does in the harsh, freezing and depressing British winters. But they do have more than enough “attractions” that run all year round. One event that sees people travel for afar is the, Gloucester Rhythm And Blues Festival which happens every July.


Being a city, Gloucester has numerous things to keep you out of trouble (or get into if that’s your thing…… I kid) but here are just a few of the highlights that this city has to offer you during your stay.

Gloucester Cathedral

Now if you are already a fan of beautiful architecture and history then that alone will be more than enough to make you want to visit this truly amazing cathedral. But, Gloucester Cathedral is also a hot tourist spot for those of you who are not into cathedrals. You see many parts of the Harry Potter movies were filmed here and as a result people from all around the world come to check it out. So they can have a picture of them recreating the scene where Harry fights a troll, when Hermione decks Malfoy, When Ron says bloody hell for 500th time or when Darth Vader chopped off Luke’s hand….wait that was Star Wars not Harry Potter.

Gloucester City Museum

This is a really neat museum that is perfect for adults and as a place to take the kids. They have a vast amount of really cool interactive roman and medieval exhibits. I would actually go as far to say this is one of the most under rated museums in the whole country and it’s well worth going for a visit during your stay.

Gloucester Ghost Walks

if your idea of fun is being frightened so much your underpants need changing or if your idea of fun is laughing at others getting frightened. Then, Gloucester Ghost Walks is for you. You get to go to some of the most haunted areas of the city and hear the fascinating history behind them. Even you tough guys out there will struggle to sleep at night after going on one of the Gloucester Ghost Walks!Bristol is just over 30 miles away and if you make the drive their then you can check out a variety of great attractions including their Bristol Aquarium which has all kinds of cool under water creatures and in staying with the wild life theme there is also the Wild Place Project which as I am sure you have guessed is also located in Bristol.There are many fine places for a nice romantic meal in Gloucester. But if you want something nice and quick then why not try out one of the many café’s or fast food places that the city also has to offer.

After Dark

Gloucester is the perfect city to visit if you like your night life to have a little more culture! Gloucester Guide Hall, has a variety of shows and live music on throughout the year. So you will certainly want to see what is on during your stay.The Picturedome and Kings Theatre offer a range of both professional productions and amateur ones as well. Gloucester Cathedral, we already mentioned this before, but its worth mentioning again as they throughout the year have some pretty spectacular choir performances on.As well as this Gloucester has a wide range of pubs and night clubs for you to partake in a little drinking action if you so wish.


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