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Things to do in Liss

Listed below are all the things to do in Liss, Hampshire that we offer through GoBananas. We can reserve and book more than 250 different and exciting activities and experiences. Everything within 25 miles of Liss is displayed by activity type below. Choosing stuff to do in Liss has never been so easy!

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Liss in Hampshire

If you are looking for the perfect vacation spot to simply sit back and relax and do less or nothing at all, then Liss in Hampshire may be the perfect spot for your next vacation. Located just 3.3 from the small town of Petersford and with no large cities close by, Liss is so small that it's population is not listed by number, but simply with the designation of “small.” The most interesting things about Liss is that it is divided into two sections. West Liss is the home of the “Old Village” which is ideal for those who like learning a little bit about the history of this small town. The East side is somewhat more modern, but not as modern as you might you hope. The other is the Liss railway which earned a mention in the Doomsday book.
Luckily, there are a several small town located around Liss so if you do get bored with with Less vacation in Liss there are a few things for you to see and do.

Activities and Things to Do Near Liss

There are several sites to see and do within a few miles of Liss. You can visit the Uppark House and garden in South Down just 5 miles away and see this beautiful house and gardens and learn a little bit about the lives of people who have lived there.

Or for those who love the works of Jane Austen then a short 8 mile drive to Alton will allow you to visit her last home which is now a museum dedicated to this wonderful author. While both kids and adults are sure to enjoy Bird World and Underwater world just 10 miles from Liss in Farham Surrey.

Getting There

Since Liss does have a train station, getting there by train should be extremely easy. However, renting or driving your own car is your best bet, as it will allow you to see some of the beautiful countryside surrounding the area and will give you transportation to nearby town so that you can explore and see the sites of the entire area.

Places to Stay

Luckily for those wanting to stay in Liss, there are a few really cute and quaint B and Bs as well as other accommodations in the nearby towns.

After Dark

Compared to the actual daytime activities right in the town of Liss, the night time activities are positively exciting as the town does have a few pubs that are worth visiting.

The Crossing Gate

The Crossing gate is located very close to the railway stations. How close you ask? Close enough that when you are drinking your ale and the train passes, the windows of the pub actually rattle. You brew won' exactly be shaken out of the tankard, but you might feel as though it will when here the trains rolling by.

The Whistle Stop

The Whistle Stop is friendly family oriented type of pub with an area outside where you can eat and play area for kids with play house, trampoline and more. Inside you can enjoy a cool drink and play pool, or darts or take a shot at a quiz machine. The food is pretty standard pub fair, but the atmosphere makes up for the food and makes for a great lunch stop or a early dinner.

The Spread Eagle

The Spread eagle seems to be the most lively pub in Liss with a nice open fireplace, a restaurant area and good overall character as well as a friendly wait staff.
There are things to be said for doing less on your vacation, and Liss has more less to offer than most other places you could visit.

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