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Things to do in West Meon

Listed below are all the things to do in West Meon, Hampshire that we offer through GoBananas.

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West Meon town is a small civil parish and village in Hampshire. It has a population of around 750 individuals and is a place worth seeing and visiting.

West Meon is located in Hampshire hence it has very mild weather in comparison to the rest of the British Isles. There are activities available all year round, while others are only available in the Summer months.

One of the most interest features of Meon Valley is the Meon Valley Trail. Many people from all around the UK visit Meon trail. The trail is spread from West Meon to Wickham. It is a 10 miles long trail many folk us it for walking, jogging, cycling and horse riding. The trail will take you throughout the valley and give you an opportunity to witness some of the best breathtaking photos of the Meon Valley.

West Meon is located near the Old Winchester Hill which is a national reserve park, famous for both its natural beauty and historical richness. There is a fort from the Iron Age in the Old Winchester Hill while there is also an old cemetery which belongs to the Bronze Age. It is of the great interest of people visiting West Meon.

There is a main hall in the West Meon Village which is a place for several occasions. Many people use the hall for Birthday parties, anniversaries and other such occasions.

For visitors and locals, there are several options to dine in at cafes in the West Meon Village. Visitors can go to the Tazzina Café or George and Falcon. There is a variety of local and other food available in these café that can quench your hunger.

While West Meon has a lot of historical places and a church, there isn’t any dryness as one may expect. One can easily find pubs around in the West Meon. The West Meon Pub is one of the pubs at West Meon where one can enjoy drinks. It is situated in a 300 years old historic building. Similarly, there is Thomas Lord pub that can be a great place for you to enjoy your nightlife and have some drinks.

If you are willing to visit West Meon, you should visit all the historical places like church, similarly you should visit around the trail and the old Winchester Hill before retiring for your nightlife and moving on to a pub to enjoy some drink. West Meon can be a great place for you to get rid of the busy city life and enjoy some village life.

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