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Activities & Stuff to do in Kent

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Call now to book your group with Gobananas to save time & money on a huge range of outdoor & indoor activities in Kent. Any group size accommodated.

Kent has traditionally been known as the garden of England. Its proximity to the metropolis made it a profitable place to grow the fresh fruits and vegetables for the Covent Garden market. Today, the gardens are more likely to be back gardens as this agricultural county has turned into a posh suburb of London. Each day the commuter trains trundle in filled with city workers studying their financial Times.

The county presents numerous faces. To the north it flattens into the dull waters of the Medway and Thames estuary, so long the home to Royal Naval dockyard's and coastal ladders making their way to the fishing grounds off the Dutch coast. To the south and east of the old resort towns, one so popular with holidaymakers from London, but now largely forgotten in preference to Spain and the Mediterranean. Their names, Margate and Sandgate redolent of an era of summer holidays spent on a shingle beach..

To the north-west, Kent slowly dissolves into the inchoate suburbs of south east London, now boundaried by the roar of the M25..

At the heart of Kent lies its historical towns, Canterbury, Dover, Tunbridge Wells and Sevenoaks, whose Oaks were flattened by the storm of 1987. The centre of Kent is a land of hidden valleys and forested slopes – the land of the Weald.

Visitors to Kent Humphreys old buildings such as Leeds Castle and Canterbury Cathedral for the smaller villages with their little local pubs and narrow lanes. At Govan Honours, we tend to ignore all that and I am sure that you will two. What we offer our exciting activities, full of adventure, for groups and families and friends

In few other places is London so near, and yet feels so far away.  Kent has it's fair share of popular activities including water based ones like surfing or for you petrol heads out there go karting.

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