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Things to do in Blackburn

Listed below are all the things to do in Blackburn, Lancashire that we offer through GoBananas.

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Blackburn, Lancashire

Located just under 21 miles north/northwest of Manchester and at the Southern edge of the Ribble Valley north of the West Pennine Moors the large manufacturing town of Blackburn Lancashire has more to offer than many manufacturing towns with it's thriving art and theatre population.

When you enter the town of Blackburn, you are sure to see the one of the town's most impressive landmark's the old, but beautiful Blackburn Cathedral. However, there are many other things to see and do, in this town, and visiting Blackburn Lancashire is well worth the effort.

Getting There

Depending which direction you are coming from, getting to Blackburn is quite easy as you can arrive by train, coach, or car. If you plan on visiting more of Lancashire than just Blackburn a car may be the best mode of travel, although there are trains and coaches that travel to other towns in the area.

Daytime Activities

There are plenty of things to do during the day when visiting Blackburn. You can go sight seeing taking in sights such as the Lewis Textile museum, Hoghton tower, and the Queen Victoria Statute. For those given to more outdoor pursuits there are a number of parks such as Witton County Park, Queens park, and Corporation parks where you can walk, bike, and simply enjoy nature.

Witton County Park not only has plenty of trails where you walk, hike, bike and explore as well as offering a child's play area. If you have children, another great outdoor venue is Mrs. Dowsons Farm where children can pet animals, explore the farm and even play football with members of the staff.

If you visit at the right time of year, you may also be able to attend a game of football, cricket or even ice hockey. Blackburn also has a skating rink as well as the Waves water fun center.


Nightlife in Blackburn is not without it's class acts as you can enjoy dining in a number of restaurants, enjoying a pub crawl or attending live music, theatre, or comedy performances at one the towns live theatres the King George's Hall, Thwaites Empire theatre, or the Darven Library theatre. For those who prefer watching the action on the big screen rather than on stage there is the 10 screen Vue Cinema as well as the Bowflex entertainment centre that offers bowling and other activities for the entire family.

If dancing the night away, is an activity you enjoy then stop on in at either the jazzy Kex Night Club or Liquid and Envy.

Dining and Drinking

Of course you are going to want to eat and drink while visiting Blackburn and this town offers some great places to do both. Here are a few places worth trying.

  • Spread Eagle Mellor ( )- The Spread Eagle Mellor is a nice restaurant that is well kept and while somewhat expensive provides some great food, such as their roast beef, and a friendly staff.
  • Roomali-Another great restaurant is the Roomali which specializes in Indian Cuisine and offers diners nice décor, friendly service and good food. However this is quite a popular restaurant so make sure that book at least week ahead so that you won't be disappointed.
  • Stage Door- If you are looking for a fun evening out, then stopping by the stage door should provide you with laughs. This pub has an old fashioned look and offers reasonably priced drinks, but the DJ who dresses in drag, and calls out members of the audience is extremely modern and hilarious.

Blackburn is definitely a town worth visiting if you are in the Lancashire area, or simply looking for somewhere new to spend a long weekend or a vacation. It will definitely change your perception of what manufacturing towns are all about.

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