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London Activity Ideas & Things to Do

Things to Do & Activities for groups in London

Guide to activities & things to do in London

London Day Activities
London Night Activities


Awight mate lets av a look at Landan….. That if you read with a stereotypical, London accent was funny if you did not then I am an idiot and lets just move on. The nation’s capital has people coming from all corners of the globe so let’s take a look at some of the fun you can have here.

How To Get To London

Hmm, its London so I am really not sure what to tell you guys here. Getting to London is something that will cause no trouble at all. But the one thing many people underestimate is finding where you need to go once you get into London. Without a doubt, London is the kind of place where a sat nav or at least a smartphone with GPS will make your life a heck of a lot easier once you get into London.

What’s On & When To Go

It’s not an exaggeration to say that London has things on all year round. The city is stacked to the brim with events that cater to people from all walks of life. The cities diversity is perhaps its biggest charm and no matter what you are into be it a music festival, movie festival heck even something like a My Little Pony convention (and I am not making this one up) London more than has you covered. You could pick a random date in the calendar to go to London for a weekend away and still find a million things to do.


Man there really is so much to do in London that it makes it pretty much impossible to write about in just a small article. But what I am going to do here is give you three of the best places that the city has to offer. While London does have a ton of stuff going on, these are three “attractions” you have to look into.

Natural History Museum, now London does also have the amazing British Museum, but the dinosaur exhibit at the Natural History Museum along with all the other breath taking huge animals really is something that you will never forget. You may think that the museum in your nearest city is impressive, but I promise your jaw will hit the floor when you see what the London Natural History Museum has to offer.

The London Eye is more than just a giant Ferris wheel! This is one of the most iconic modern attractions that the city of London has to offer. The “ride” takes around 30 minutes and each of the pods, capsules or whatever you want to call them holds a good number of people. This may sound like a boring way to spend half an hour, but it really is pretty spectacular to see London in this way.

Tower Of London, it’s fair to say that many people who have never been to The Tower Of London seem to think it’s just a bunch of heads on spikes. Taking a tour of The Tower Of London with one of the Yeoman Warders is really cool. You get to see the amazing history that this pace has and how it as a prison, arsenal and a place for executions all rolled into one. There is a jewel house and even a small zoo. Most people who come here for the first time are amazed at how what the Tower Of London has to offer.

As far as eating goes, London is by far the most diverse place you will ever go. You could write a book on all the café’s, restaurants, fast food joints, street vendors and god knows what else London has to offer when it comes to getting something to eat!

After Dark

If you want a rocking night life then London is the city for you. No matter what you are looking for be it a bar to kick back in or a nightclub to get down in, London has you covered. Some of the most famous nightspots in the whole country are located in London.

London also has a variety of theatres where you can go and see some of the best shows that the whole of the UK has to offer. The biggest stage shows can be found in the London West End, but there are also many other smaller theatres here as well.

London also has a wide range of cinemas offering both the latest blockbusters and smaller indie movies as well.

The nightlife in London is just staggering and because of this a good idea during your stay is to try something that you would not normally do back home.


Is there more to the London borough of Brent than just being home to Wembley Stadium? Well read on to see what else this London borough has to offer on a day out.

How To Get To Brent

Brent is in the North West region of London and is actually classed as outer London. As Wembley Stadium is located here if you are having trouble finding your way to the borough then heading for the stadium is easily your best bet.

What’s On & When To Go

Well as Webley Stadium is located in Brent if you want to catch an England match then there are numerous friendlies, World Cup and European Championship qualifiers that happen. So if football is your thing then look for when one of these games are on. It is far easier (and cheaper) to get a ticket for a friendly rather than a World Cup or European Championship qualifier. As well as football thanks to the parks in Brent, there are numerous outdoor events that happen during the summer months  and when the weather is behaving itself.


Now while Brent is home to Wembley Stadium and Wembley Arena as the borough is part of outer London there is not as much to do here as there is in boroughs closer to the centre of London. But if the outdoors are your thing then Brent does have some nice parks.

Roundwood Park, is a place you will certainly want to visit in Brent. While the park may not be host to the music and summer theatre that it once was. There are still events that do take place here through the year. There are places to go for a walk and playgrounds for the kids to have some fun on. And if sport is your thing you can shoot some hoops on the basketball courts. George Irvin's Fun Fair happens each and every May and is a popular attraction for people from all areas of London.

Gladstone Park, is a park that is perfect for those who want to take in some nice flowers and go or a nice walk. One interesting thing about Gladstone Park is that each Saturday morning there is a 5 kilometre run that is called the Gladstone Parkrun and it’s a very popular and fun activity for people of the area. But if you want to go there for a nice leisurely and quiet stroll then you know to stay away on Saturday mornings.

After Dark

Well the main attractions in Brent are clearly the somewhat new Wembley Stadium which as well as being host to football matches has also played host to some pretty big concerts with such acts as The Foo Fighters, U2 and Madonna to name a few. A packed Wembley Stadium with some rocking music really is a sight to behold.

Wembley Arena, while nowhere near the spectacle of Wembley Stadium is a venue that is pretty much on every major bands touring schedule when they do a tour of the UK. Each week there is a variety of live entertainment happening here. It’s not just live music either as comedy acts, American wrestling and even the Harlem Globetrotters have appeared at Wembley Arena.

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