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High Ropes Course Near Forest Row

Price Starts From 34.99
4hr session of High Ropes Course Near Forest Row. Get kitted with helmets, harness and ropes. Professional guidance provided.
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Forest Row High Ropes Course

For this session the group is kitted out with helmets harnesses and ropes to undertake a variety of challenges up in the trees. Ranging from almost ground level to 50’ these professionally constructed elements (among the best in the country) offer something for everyone. The skill and experience of the instructor guides the group to the most appropriate element but ultimately it is the individual who sets his/her own challenge.

All of the high elements emphasise not only individual performance but also the value of team support and the importance of recognising differing strengths and weaknesses. At all times the safety rope is managed by the instructor so the participant is completely safe however their perception of danger is a valuable learning experience. Being presented with such challenging situations as high ropes course and coping with them does create powerful learning opportunities. Tremendous for building confidence and self-esteem.

4 sessions of 90 minutes This package can include meals at an additional cost.

  • Duration in Minutes: 240
  • 0.00

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