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Things to do in Dunbar

Listed below are all the things to do in Dunbar, Lothian that we offer through GoBananas. We can reserve and book more than 250 different and exciting activities and experiences. Everything within 25 miles of Dunbar is displayed by activity type below. Choosing stuff to do in Dunbar has never been so easy!

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Sometimes you’re just interested in someplace peaceful, quiet and relaxed. If you’re looking for that on holiday, you’ve found Dunbar. It’s a seaside town in East Lothian and what you’ll appreciate is the care and time that have been put into keeping the style and presence of Dunbar preserved. Dunbar is physically located about 45 km east of Edinburgh and 45 km from the English border. Its greatest resident is the conservationist, John Muir. Dumbar wasn’t always the quiet peaceful town it is now. As early as 5 AD, the area was involved in Roman, English, Scottish, Pictish (that must have been quite the Picture) and was the site of the Battle of Dunbar involving a Scottish army and Oliver Cromwell. The Scots lost the battle and Scotland was occupied with the monarchy being overthrown.

Getting to Dunbar is available through a variety of routes and means; Trains run hourly to and from Edinburgh. Dunbar and Edinburgh also share a taxi service. The First Group and Perryman’s Buses have a route between Dunbar, Edinburgh and Berwick upon Tweed. Should you wish to drive yourself, the A1 carriageway is convenient. Newcastle & Edinburgh Airports are nearby and connect to other cities in the UK and internationally. If footing it or biking is more your style, the John Muir Way to Helensburgh starts there and the North Sea Cycle Route also passes through. The Royal Mackintosh hotel is only 2 minutes’ walk from the rail station and offers an onsite restaurant. The North Lodge and Rosedene are well known B&B locations. The Rocks Hotel has family rooms and King rooms with a sea view and also rent boards, kayaks and wetsuits for guests.

Scotland is known for many things, especially golf and Dunbar has two excellent courses to choose from. The wee ones can visit and play at the Lauderdale Park that received the Nancy Ovens award for Play in 2004 (not sure of the association between ovens and play outside of Hansel and Gretel but we didn’t come up with it..) A seaside town offers beaches of course and Dunbar’s don’t disappoint with the Dunbar Leisure Pool featuring a flume, wave machine and beach area. In 2004, the Belhaven Beach was given the Seaside Award which reflects the best standards of beaches in the UK. One that Scotland isn’t typically renowned for is sunshine but Dunbar is known for a high level of sunny days so time at the beach will allow for some fun time for all. Shopping opportunities are wide and varied with LEC Botique, Scottish Gifts 4U and the Graze Coffee and Chocolate house.

Places for a bite to eat and a friendly pint are many such as the Creel, Dunbar Tandoori, Volunteer Arms and the award winning La Potiniére.

Dunbar is a quiet, mellow place that still offers the comforts of modern shopping and dining but you can walk away from that and stand on the beaches and envision the clash of weapons in the battle for Scotland’s independence or the contemplations of John Muir who awakened the world to the importance of preserving nature and went on to found the Sierra Club, known world-wide for its efforts to establish parks and other places for wildlife to retain their natural state. Visit Dunbar, and visit history.

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