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Things to do in Musselburgh

Listed below are all the things to do in Musselburgh, Lothian that we offer through GoBananas. We can reserve and book more than 250 different and exciting activities and experiences. Everything within 25 miles of Musselburgh is displayed by activity type below. Choosing stuff to do in Musselburgh has never been so easy!

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Musselburgh Activities & Things To Do

If you are looking to visit Scotland this year and looking for a town where you absorb a bit of Scottish history in a quiet setting, then Musselburgh, Scotland may be a great place to visit. Located just 6 miles south of Edinburgh, Musselburgh has a population of around 22,000. This town was once settled by the Romans, and a pedestrian bridge built during the Roman occupation still stands today. Musselburgh, Scotland earned the name honest toun back in 1332, when the Regent of Scotland, the Earl of Moray fell sick and was cared for by the people of town until his death. The new regent offered to pay the people of Musselburgh for their thoughtful care of the Earl and they refused the money. For the last 78 to 80 years the people of Musselburgh celebrate their honesty in caring for the earl by electing an honest lad and lass to represent the town during their summer festival.

How to get to Musselburgh

Getting to Musselburgh is not difficult and your method of travel will depend on where you are coming from. Available transportation includes, car, private hire, train, air charters, by boat (ferry) and even by bus. The small town atmosphere of Musselburgh is a part of it's charm, the town is probably best known for the Musselburgh golf course which is considered to be the oldest operating golf course in the world.

What to do In Musselburgh

Summer is the best place to visit Musselburgh as there are many daytime activities that visitors can enjoy. These activities include playing around of golf on one of the towns two links, visiting the Inveresk Garden, or the Musselburgh museum or dolls museum. Of course for a bit of excitement you can also visit the Musselburgh race track or attend one of the summer festivals

For those wishing to be a bit more active you can go walking or cycling in the area and simply enjoy the view. The walk along the River Esk is said to be beautiful.

Musselburgh Nightlife

Musselburgh nightlife is somewhat limited. The Brunton Theatre offers entertainment to locals and visitors alike. The theatre is small, but well kept with a friendly staff and there is an in house eatery and excellent bar. The programs offered are extremely varied.

With Edinburgh only being 6 miles away from Musselburgh it is easy to travel to larger to the larger city to visit clubs offering music and dancing, as well as a number of other different entertainments people can enjoy.

In fact, many visitors to Musselburgh, choose to stay in Edinburgh and make daytime trips to Musselburgh to visit the race track, play golf, or attend one of the summer festivals. Either way, Musselburgh is a place worth visiting whether you choose to stay there or simply visit for the day.

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