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Milton Keynes Activity Ideas & Things to Do

Things to Do & Activities for groups in Milton Keynes

A short guide to Milton Keynes with suggestions of what to do and see.

Milton Keynes Day Activities
Milton Keynes Night Activities

Milton Keynes -Ideas & Activities

Milton Keynes is a Buckinghamshire town and a place that most people have heard of. Yet it’s a town that not many people think about when they are looking for a little get away.

How To Get To Milton Keynes

Heading along the A5 will get you to Milton Keynes or you can use the A509, depending on where you are coming from. As the (without offending the rest of Buckinghamshire) main town of the county, Milton Keynes is a town that is not too hard to find. I will say that it is much larger than you would think so make sure you have a map or an idea of where your hotel, motel or cardboard box is.

What’s On & When To Go

You can go to Milton Keynes anytime you want as most of the attractions such as the Xscape are on all year round. They do not have a ton of events on during the summer months like some of the other cities of a similar size, but there are still a few festivals and markets that occur during the summer. Many people actually think of Milton Keynes as a winter town due to its indoor snow slopes!


There are many great activities for all the family in the town of Milton Keynes and here we have a few of the highlights for to check out during your stay.

Xscape, is the number one place in Milton Keynes for all your entertainment needs. You have the main attraction of the Snozone (see below) but the Xscape also has a ton of other stuff including a great variety of shops, places to eat, rock climbing, a large cinema and many more attractions. If you went to Milton Keynes for just a weekend. That whole weekend could be spent here and you would not get bored! The Xscape really is the dominant place in Milton Keynes and a visit to the town will probably see you spend most of your time here.

Snozone, Ok so this could have been in our Xscape section as it’s the same place, but Snozone deserves its own section. If there is one place that I would have to recommend in all of Milton Keynes then it is without a doubt, Snozone. This is the UK’s largest (not that I have measured) indoor real snow ski slope. These have a ton of activities for you to do and cater for experienced skiers and people who have no clue what they are doing. There is also a ton of places to get a bite to eat and places to go shopping. They are open all year round and this is an experience that you simply cannot get anywhere else! You really are guaranteed a great day out if you come here!

Gulliver’s Land, This is a great family theme park , but as much fun as it is they are very open with the fact that this is a theme park that is aimed at kids under 13. So if you have really young kids this is a great theme park to take them to as there will be hardly any annoying as hell teenagers. This is a very well kept theme park as well and as there are so many places to ear, Gulliver’s Land is a place where you and the kids can spend a whole day.

Milton Keynes like most towns of its size has a wide range of places for you to go and have a nice good meal. Or some quick fast food if that is more your thing.

Night Life

While it may not have the excitement of say London, Milton Keynes does still have enough going on to keep you happy on a night out.

MK Theatre, the MK Theatre has some of the best shows coming straight from the London West End on tour. So make sure to see what is on during your stay.

The Xscape has a great cinema that has on all the latest big blockbusters as well as a bowling alley. A night of bowling and a movie is a great family night out. And there is even a casino in here as well.

There are of course a variety of pubs and clubs around the town as well if you want a “messy” night out!

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