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Enigma Project Near Milton Keynes

Price Starts From 119.99
This Enigma project is an interlinked series of Spy Related Missions where agents are thoroughly tested mentally and physically. Fantastic Team building 3 Hour Mission
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Some Great Reasons To Choose This:

  • Refreshingly Different Team Building
  • Tests both Mental and Physical Skills
  • Everyone can take part
  • Hilarious and Challenging
  • Your Staff will love it!

Enigma Spy Mission Based Team Building Day

Tired of organizing the usual team building days that staff find boring stupid or just a waste of time? The Enigma project named after the WW11 encryption machine of the same name is refreshingly different and will test every person both mentally and physically. They will  all love it and many do not want to go home- pity that ethic does not always extend to the workplace! But who knows after this event?

What is the Enigma Project?

The Enigma Project is a series of spy related missions each around 20 minutes long with teams starting at different points and progressing around the circuit thereby ensuring all players  take part in each activity.

These can be built in to a game scenario or run as a series of individual activities.

Missions include:

  • Axe throwing: After a short period of instruction each agent will test their throwing skill using specially made axes always under expert supervision.
  • Safe-cracker: Only the best secret agents can crack a safe open under pressure. Teams will need to work fast to find the combinations and gain the spy dollars inside for their reward.
  • Minefield breach: Teams have to successfully negotiate their blindfolded colleagues through a minefield is there enough trust for your colleagues to do this successfully and with accurate and clear communication?!
  • I.D. Parade: Teams have to use mental skill and memory in a line up of Suspects.
  • Pistol Draw: Using the secret agents weapon of choice the pistol the team undergo training in how to properly hold the pistol for firing at targets. The next step is to improve the speed of the draw ready to fire the weapon culminating in a fastest draw competition to find the fastest draw in the group!

Allow about 3 hours for this activity

  • Minimum Number: 10
  • Product Terms: Remember to change the price in Property and product based on the size of the group
  • Duration in Minutes: 180
  • 0.00

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