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Newquay Activity Ideas & Things to Do

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Newquay Day Activities
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Newquay Ideas & Activities

Newquay is a special seaside town located in Cornwall. If you want to go on a little break to a place that could not be any closer to the sea then, Newquay is well worth looking into.

How To Get To Newquay

Newquay is a pretty easy place to find given that if you want to go there you pretty much have to just get on the A3 and keep heading on East. If your car ends up in the water then you have gone about 3.4 miles to far. Some people say the drive to Newquay is as much fun as the town itself. Either these people are crazy I mean travelling is never fun especially if you have kids in the back. So I can only assume they are in a limo with a bunch of booze and strippers in the back.

What’s On & When To Go

Newquay is a place that you really want to visit in the summer months. As a seaside town it really comes to life then. They have a pretty famous Newquay Carnival Week that runs for a week usually in the beginning of July. No matter when you go in the summer though, you will find a whole bunch of things to do. In the winter months the place is really quite, but some people do actually like this.


As a seaside town you will not be mind blown to know that there is a variety of things going on the sea front and there is also of course a big surfing scene here as well. So if you want to hang ten and do a kick flip then you can here….. I think I may have gotten my surfing and skating lingo mixed up a bit there, but you get the idea.

Newquay Zoo:-This is the largest zoo in all of Cornwall. This is a great family day out with all kinds of animals like snakes, lions and creepy looking bugs. This is a really nice and well maintained zoo where you can easily spend a whole day at.

Oasis Fun Pools is an amazing swimming pool/water park where you and the family can have an absolute blast. This place is just so much fun with some really huge and fast water slides that will ensure your swimming costume is located firmly up your butt crack when you get off. They have an outdoor pool, kiddie pool and so much more. And you can get a nice bite to eat here as well.

Beaches:- Newquay has some of the best beaches in the country. With Porth, Tolcarne and Fistral all being wonderful places for you to either spend the day with the family or have a nice romantic picnic.

Asylum Entertainment:- Ever wanted to go inside a giant inflated ball like you are some kind of hamster? Yes well great. Ever wanted to do this and play football at the same time? Even better. This is just so much fun no matter if you are 8, 18 or 48!

As a seaside town there are endless places for you to grab some grub. And if money is tight you can grab a spear and go fishing cast away style in the ocean…… .

After Dark

As a sea side town, Newquay does not have a clubbers paradise type of setting, but it still has enough things for a family or a group of friends to have some fun.

Lighthouse Cinema is a very interesting somewhat small four screen cinema. This has only been open a couple of years now and as a result it’s pretty state of the art. So if you want to check out a movie this is the place for you.

Berties Nightclub:-If you do want to go out and party then, Berties is the place for you. This is a really cool night club that has some pretty big guests performing there. For example as of writing such acts as Tinchy Stryder and Aston from JLS are scheduled to perform.

There are of course a number of pubs for you to go and hydrate yourself as well.

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