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Multi Activity Day of 3 Activities Near Milton Keynes

Price Starts From 62.99
Multi Activity Day of 3 Activities near Milton Keynes. Includes professional instructors, safety equipments.

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Out of 6 different activities you can choose either 3 4 5 or the whole 6! The basic package of 3 activities will last approximately 3 hrs. Each additional activity will add an extra hour.

Off Road Buggies
Race around our off road circuit using our Bocart Buggies. These are great fun and ideally suited when it’s wet and muddy. Waterproofs and helmets are provided. These buggies will reach speeds of up to 30mph but it gets a bit rough !!

Sniper Shoot
Using our high powered telescopic air rifles can you hit the target at various distances. Full tuition is given by ex-military instructors. A variety of different shooting challenges are set whilst you compete against your fellow sniper’s !!

CQB (Close Quarter Battle)
Learn how to carry out contact drills including fire and manoeuvre using our airsoft machine guns. Fire at targets whilst you patrol through the area. These weapons are great for training and fire small 6mm BB pellets.

Unarmed Combat
When you’ve run out of ammo then you’re left with your hands ! Under specialist supervision learn some self defence techniques which will include blocks wrist locks and knife work. This is very relaxed and great fun with minimum physical effort !

Laser Combat
Battle it out team against team or last man standing using our high-tech laser pulse ranger weapons. There’s machine gun fire and grenade launcher when you need to take out a whole group ! These weapons are great fun and accurate up to 100 metres and you don’t get covered in bruises !

Pistol Draw
Learn how to master the pistol and what to do when under fire. You will be taught how to draw the pistol at speed from a holster and then take part in a quick draw competition ! You’ll then take part in a VIP protection scenario to test your skills !

  • Minimum Number: 10
  • Duration in Minutes: 180
  • 0.00

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