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Dance Party Lessons in Nottingham

Price Starts From 29.99
Work towards a performance with any choice of dance in Nottingham. Feel a great sense of achievement for 2hrs with our expert instructors for guidance. Learn a variety of walks and movements.
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Some Great Reasons To Choose This:

  • Warm, friendly and professional experts for guidance
  • Great sessions that can boost your confidence to dance in public
  • Great activity for ice breaking
  • Loads of fun and giggles guaranteed
  • Learn dance moves at a fast pace and without much stress

We have a wide range of dance classes to choose from - will you pick from our most popular or will you dare to be a bit different...the choice is all yours.

The dance classes usually last around 2 hours and normally take place within licensed premises allowing you the chance to have a glass of courage before and after.

Our top 5 dance parties:

  • 80's Dance Party
  • Belly Dance Party
  • Bollywood Dance Party
  • Burlesque Dance Party
  • Can Can Dance Party

Some other dance parties:

  • Cheerleading Dance Party
  • Chicago Dance Party
  • Dirty Dance Party
  • Grease Dance Party
  • Pole Dance Party

80's Dance Party

Cindy Lauper once sang “Girls just wanna have fun” and how right was she! Of course all girls want to do is have fun and at our Fab 80’s Flashback Hen Party you are guaranteed the best time ever! In this 2 hour class you will start with some Jane Fonda style 80’s aerobics to warm up and then move onto the classic 80’s dance moves – remember the sprinkler shopping trolley and how to reverse that imaginary bus?! Oh and that’s only the beginning don’t forget your air guitar because girls you will be channelling your AC/DC and rocking out like you have never done before! Get footloose grab your legwarmers and think FAME! for what can only be described as a trip back to the craziest era ever! For an 80’s Dance Party you will need to wear flat shoes or trainers as there is some running around. We recommend that you dress up with whatever is comfortable in and we suggest not wearing high heels as you want to be steady on your feet. But get into the 80’s vibe with leg warmers head bands plenty of Lycra and bright fluorescent gear to make you stand out and be proud!

Belly Dance Party

Originating from Greece and the Middle East this cultured dance style has been made widely popular by Latin American superstar Shakira. Work your stomach and hips as you perform and try out some hip and chest rotations vertical and horizontal rollings hip lifts shimmies and camels snake arms and ripples!  Not forgetting the Egyptian walk of course! As you perform the wide range of techniques you'll get to discover the beauty and power of your body aswell! You will provided with some fantastic hip belts to make sure that you really get in the mood of the party. We do suggest that you come in loose clothing that you can dance to and flat soft shoes. Crop tops and long flowing skirts are great option.

Bollywood Dance Party

In this new and exciting dance lesson tradition Bollywood dancing is fused together with hip-hop and belly dancing elements to give you a fantastic 2 hour party. Immerse yourself in the fluidity of Indian dancing and the energy of hip-hop dancing to the upbeat popular Bollywood soundtrack. You wont be able to resist showing off the the jhapkas and mhapkas (hip shaking) Bhangra style shoulder movements and wrist flicks you’ve learnt on your night out. Taught by an authentic Bollywood dance teacher even those without any previous dance experience will have a ball. You will be provided with Indian scarves to add that extra special touch to your party. You can wear anything that you want to the Bollywood party or whatever you are going out in later. If you really want to get in the mood for the party then think lots and lots of Indian bangles that jiggle! 

Burlesque Dance Party

Our burlesque parties give you a chance to learn some glamorous 1950’s style cabaret routines. During the class you will learn a variety of walks facial expressions dance moves and tricks that you get to put together in a routine. You will also get to play with some fun props like fans and crops. It is a great giggle and a fantastic chance to get dressed up. Burlesque is a good option for parties that want to go straight out afterwards as it is much less strenuous than pole dancing. It is also a great option for parties that contain pregnant women. Please feel free to wear anything you feel comfortable in. You don’t need any special clothing for the class but if you all get dressed up it will make the day more fun. Think corsets showgirls Moulin Rouge feather boas and long gloves.

Can Can Dance Party

Get yourself in the mood for a party with some good old fashioned high kicking Moulin Rouge style fun. The fabulously colourful can-can skirts that are provided as part of the package will really put you in the mood for fun and giggles. You will learn a variety of basic moves tricks and routines that will come together in a full chorus line performance at the end of the party. The party is energetic fun packed and suitable for all ages. The parties make excellent photo opportunities so do bring your cameras. We provide skirts in a variety of sizes to add to the fun you might like to wear tops that match the theme (like corsets) or bring accessories such as feather boas and long gloves to really get you in the mood. We do strongly suggest that you don’t wear stilettos or particularly high heels as you will need to be stable on your feet. Minimum Age 18

Cheerleading Dance Party

This fun filled high energy party will start off with some simple cheers and combinations. Our fabulous hot pink and purple pom-poms are provided as part of the package. All your pom-pom shaking and combinations will come together in a fantastic routine. We can guarantee that you will be wildly running around laughing and cheering so much that you won't want to let go of your pom-poms at the end of your party! Bring it on! Please feel free to come wearing anything you feel comfortable in however if you really want to get into the mood then go for pleated skirts and leg warmers. We do strongly suggest that you don’t wear stilettos or particularly high heels as you will need to be stable on your feet.

Chicago Dance Party

"Ladies and Gentlemen I present to you a story of murder greed corruption violence exploitation adultery and treachery. All those things we hold near and dear to our hearts..."

This latest hen party offering is the sexy sassy and stylish Chicago party. Dress to impress in flirty flapper fashion to razzle-dazzle like the simply divine Roxie Hart and Velma Kelly. Decked out with bowler hat you will be dancing to the smash hit soundtrack ‘All That Jazz’. Taking you back to the prohibition era of fame fortune and vice in this 2 hour sexy party you will learn some intricate dance moves and hand movements to create a routine in true Bob ‘father of theatrical jazz dance’ Fosse style. Jazz hands at the ready ladies! We recommend that students really dress up for this party as it’ll get them in the mood for a real party. Think lots of black flapper dresses fishnets and high heels.

Dirty Dance Party

You love the film; you know the songs... now learn the moves with a Dirty Dancing Party. This is the ultimate girls’ party and a chance for you to learn one of those fabulous dance routines from a true cinematic classic. Incorporating Salsa steps and the Cha Cha Cha in this 2 hour party you will learn the routine that Baby learns in the log cabin. Your group can even be provided with your very own Johnny Castle so you can really be Baby! Get ready to have the time of your life! Please feel free to come wearing anything you feel comfortable in however if you really want to do some Dirty Dancing then we recommend high heels as they help you feel sexy. We also encourage guests to come dressed up like they do in the film. All participants must be over 18 years.

Grease Dance Party

We go together like ramma lamma lamma ka dinga da dinga dong/ Remembered forever as shoo-bop sha whada whadda yippidy boom da boom/ Chang chang changity chang shoo bop that's the way it should be/Waooo Yeah/

We are taking you back to Rydell High in this new and exciting hen party. Get your Pink Lady jackets at the ready as Grease dance classes are our latest hen party products. You’ve seen the film you know the lines (you’ve fallen in love with Danny Zuko!) now learn the moves. This upbeat class will include a traditional hand jive as well as rock 'n' rock steps before finishing with the finale to 'We Go Together'. Students can wear anything that they want to but we do suggest that they dress up to get themselves in the mood for the party. So think Pink Lady jackets and 50’s dresses to give you that retro look. Footwear we suggest that students wear shoes that they can dance well in.

Pole Dance Party

You will be taught some basic spins moves and tricks on the pole. You will laugh a lot at putting yourselves in ever more compromising positions and encouraging each other to be more daring in your attempts to become a true Polestar. It makes a perfect ice-breaker to set you up for a nights partying. Pole dancing is quite hard work but our teachers have more than enough experience to tailor the party to suit the group’s fitness levels. We do have to be careful if girls have been drinking before hand and we may have to do some work off the pole if they are too drunk to safely get off the ground. Please feel free to come wearing anything you feel comfortable in however if you really want to get spinning it will help if you can bring some shorts. We also recommend high heels as they help you feel sexy and become polestars.

  • Suitable for: Great for Small Groups, Hen and Stag Parties
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