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Paintball - 300 Paintballs in Northern Ireland

We at GoBananas pride ourselves for having an extensive network of paintballing grounds in England. We work with some of the top paintball suppliers in England. Check our list of paintballing centres above.

What Paintballing is all about?

Paintball is far more than any outdoor team event, well, you can compare it as an updated version of live chess, tag or hide-and-go-seek. A fun, competitive and recreational sport, which is designed for all ages, skill levels and group types. This traditional sport has an impressive history, which dates back to early 80s, when it was created by 3 men - Bob Gursey a sporting goods retailer, Hayes Noel a stockbroker, and Charles Gains a writer. The game eventually evolved into a much popular and liked sporting event among all.

The game is played between two teams with the motive to capture the opponents flag without been marked by the colourful paint grenades. Any number of players can participate in paintball and it goes without saying that as the team gets bigger the excitement and fun also multiplies! You will be wielding some of the latest semi automatic guns and equipments and each team can play up to 10 games, each spanning over 25 minute, which translates into unlimited fun. There are short recess in between when you can recharge yourselves and the ammunition. But do bear in mind that Paintballing is a costly game as ammunition and grenades do not fall easy on your pockets!

What you need to know about Paintballing?

Paintball allows you to experience a real combat in a selection of indoor and outdoor gaming scenarios depending up on the difficulty level and preference. From woods, town fields, castle or "dirt" fields and war zone, you have plenty of options. For the players who have played paintball many times and want to try out the competitive scene with mates, there are "speedball" fields and "airball" fields. Speedball fields are quite popular among groups, the fields which are "bunkers" which are set-up in a certain sized area with a boundary and have "lanes" to shoot down making the game fast paced.

This all season sport can be played anytime round the year by all ages, no matter you are a man, woman, child, or teenager. From novice to pro, anyone can try their hands on this fun and interactive day event. Players are equipped with masks and camouflage made to handle the impact of the paint grenades.
Paintballing comes in different shapes and sizes, from the Wild West to racing around on speed boats shooting each other. The main thing to look out for when booking your paintballing is to see what’s included. Paint balls can cost a fortune so you definitely want a deal with a certain amount of paint balls included.

Why we recommend Paintball?

This all time favourite team event can be played all round the year, from outdoor to indoor paintballing fields to look for. With so many gaming scenarios and formats, you will enjoy lobbing the paintballs on your opponents. Make a half day or even a full day paintballing session and experience an exciting time with friends.

The United Kingdom Paintball Association (UKPBA) is the official association for paintballing in the UK established in 1989. Established to promote and protect paintball in the UK, UKPBA has got over 5 lakh members, paintball site operators making it a governing body of paintball sports in the UK. It was the efforts of UKPBA which apparently helped in the growth of the sport and also made paintball a part of the 2008 Beijing Olympics.

Paintball Essential :

Paintball Markers – The paintball guns also known as “markers” are automatic guns used to expel paintballs at the opponent. These markers use carbon dioxide (CO2) and nitrogen (N2), or compressed air to fire the paint grenades. There are different types of markers depending up on the size, utility and gaming format. Large paintballing guns can produce more than a hundred shots.

Paintballs – A paintball or paint grenade is a think skinned gelatin capsule with a coloured paint inside. These non-toxic biodegradable water soluble balls are loaded to the markers used in the paintball games. These paintalls leaves a bright coloured splat on the player.

Goggle – Safety is of utmost important in paintball game; players are required to wear safety gear throughout the game to protect them from the paint grenades. Goggles with an attached hard shell which covers the eyes and ears is an essential safety device for players in paintballing. A proper safety google and mask is recommended for all before heading out for a thrilling paintball action.

Top paintballing destinations in England…

London Paintball :

A perfect way to spend some quality time with family and friends doing something you will remember for a long time. An absolute team game which allows you to shoot the crap out of each other amidst the scenic paintballing ground in London. You don’t have to be a professional to try your hands on these paintball guns, so start lobbing those paint grenades on your opponents and enjoy a great time paintballing in England.

Our professional instructors will be always there to make sure you enjoy every bit of your paintballing day in London. So much fun for everyone which makes this team event a hot favouirte among stag and hen groups. All safety gear and necessary equipments to be provided at the day time activity centre, so just have a great time doing this fun-filled sporting event.

Newcastle Paintball :

Paintball in Newcastle has always been an excellent way to kick start your day with some real combating skills. Yes, you will be soon in a war zone like scenario lobbing paintballs on your opponents. Well, what you need is a perfect hand-eye coordination, so split up in two groups and get ready to settle your old scores with mates.

Lobbing these colourful paintballs will be fun, no matter you are trying this for the first time or done this many times before, fun is assured when its in Newcastle. Our choice of paintball scenarios will add more spark to your team building day with plenty of hilarious and nerve racking moments.

Bournemouth Paintball :

Time to test your coordination skills with this fun-filled team building sport which will allow you to splash paintballs on your mates. Well, it’s a bit messy sport, but with the amount of fun you guys would have will be something beyond words. So, get ready for some combating action and enjoy a fun time doing something you’ll love to do any day.

Don’t forget to put on your safety gear on before getting into the action. So, plan out a strategy and outwit your opponent with your team effort and enjoy an exciting time with mates. All safety gear and necessary equipments available at the activity centre.

Leeds Paintball :

A popular team event and hot favourite daytime pursuit, paintballing in Leeds will be a superb way to start your day. A heady mix of fun, excitement, and team effort, this day time event allows you to challenge yourselves in a selection of gaming scenarios; designed for all those who crave for something adventurous.

So, get ready for the challenge and start lobbing those paint grenades on your opponents. It is fun for all and with our professional instructors to help you won’t feel left out at any point of time in your paintballing day in Leeds. So, put on your masks and get ready for a colourful treat in Leeds.

Manchester Paintball :

Try your hands on our fun and interactive paintball event and enjoy a thrilling time lobbing paintballs on your opponents. This team sport is designed for all ages and group size, so whether you are a group of 4 or a group of 100, paintballing will be a perfect daytime pursuit.

So, step into those challenging paintballing grounds and enjoy a splendid time shooting the crap out of each other. A popular team game among all, from stag groups, hen groups, corporate teams and even family and friends. Give it a try and enjoy a fun time lobbing the paintballs on your mates

Blackpool Paintball  :

Are you bored partying all night? Then why not do something more exciting and challenging with our fun and interactive paintball event. Its not a rocket science, anyone can try it out, and we bet you’ll love it. After all who won’t like to lob paintballs on their mates and settle their old scores. There are plenty of gaming scenarios in Blackpool, from woods, castle, warzone, to a selection of other gaming fields to look for.

What more? You can even combine your paintballing event with other fun events and make it all more entertaining for your group. So, go for it! All necessary equipments and safety gear available at the day activity centre.

Cardiff Paintball :

You won’t have tried it before, but still you would love to do it for sure. Paintball is one of the popular and fun filled team event for all types of groups and skill levels. Its all about team efforts and coordination skills which can lead you to the victory. We have got a number of paintball centres in Cardiff where you can have a fun time with your gang of friends or family.

You have many more reasons to give it a try, full on fun and excitement, paintballing is all about having fun with mates in our choice of gaming scenarios. With colourful paintballs to splash on your mates, you would undoubtedly enjoy every bit of your paintballing day in Cardiff. So, lob these paintballs on your opponents and outwit them from the game. Go for it in Cardiff!

Useful Tips to help you

  • Wear old clothes and lots of layers; also make sure you’re wearing old trainers. 
  • It could be an action packed and exhausting activity.

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