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Activities And things to do in the Scottish Borders.

Our collection of activities and night-time entertainment around the beautiful and wild Scottish Borders.

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Travel south from Edinburgh and you enter a wild and underpopulated land that stretches all the way south to the border with England. This is a land of high peaks and swooping valleys, with small towns nestled in the folds. Once these towns were famous for their production of cloth and if you had visited in years gone by you would have been assailed with a thumping sounds coming from the woollen Mills. Those Mills are mostly silent now and a long tradition of weaving the fine tweeds is largely dead. As a result, the towns have largely lost their raison d'être and are quiet and often poor. The Scottish government has promised a railway line that will connect them back to the capital city, but little progress has been made and the Scottish Borders remains an economic backwater.

If you are visiting Edinburgh, then you may be tempted to travel all the way north to the Scottish Highlands. But, if you are seeking wildness and solitude, then travel south into the Borders and discover both its wonderful, forlorn beauty and its often savage history. This was a land so often fought over by both the Scottish and the English. Marauding armies would sweep across the landscape burning and raping and the result was that the border families became as fierce as they invaders. Many a hilltop is crowned with a small fortress designed to protect family Independence from an arriving army.

The Borders has two characters. In the East from Galashiels down to Coldstream, there is a certain gentility expressed by the beautiful country houses. Travel further south and west towards Hawick and then onwards to Cumbria and the land rises to wild moorland. This is the home of the Reiver bands: those wild families who used their small mountain garrans to cross into England for plunder.

Most of the group activities we have in the Scottish Borders are located relatively close to Edinburgh. It is not easy being an activity provider in the underpopulated hills. If you are looking for something for your group to do while you are staying in the area contact us for some of our ideas we should be able to help you.

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