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South East England

Activities in the South East of England, great deals and activities for groups.

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We have broken the UK down into regions to make it easier to find activities in the South East of England, this region includes Berkshire through to Oxfordshire.

The activities listed will have information including min age or height where applicable.  You will also be able to see what deals and offers are available.

Visiting South East England

Close to London, the cities and towns in South East England are some of the most visited throughout the entire country. The area is one of the most densely populated places in England and is full of great attractions, amazing restaurants, and endless events to keep you occupied. In the area you can find theme parks, fine vineyards, historic churches and castles, and many different museums. The popular cities that many people choose to visit include Kent, West and East Sussex, Surrey, and Oxfordshire. Each of these cities boasts a unique charm and atmosphere that you will find nowhere else in England.

When it comes to popular tourist attractions there is nothing you won’t be able to find in South East England. There are many castles and historic buildings dotting the region such as Dover Castle and the Canterbury Cathedral. Dover Castle is one of the most impressive in the country and is located directly on the coast. It’s easy to reach from either Ashford or Canterbury where there are also many interesting things to see. In Canterbury you can find the famous Canterbury Cathedral. This Cathedral is part of a World Heritage Site and is one of the oldest religious buildings in all of England. No matter how long your trip is it’s worth it to make time to see this amazing structure.

Throughout the year there are also many different festivals and events held in South East England that will satisfy even the most unique requests. In July you can visit the Henley Festival ( )in Oxfordshire and enjoy fireworks and a great selection of food choices and vendors. Or in September you can swing by Bestifval, which is a musical showcase that happens on the Isle of Wight. Alternatively each city has it’s own special Christmas Market so if you’re here during the winter you can definitely enjoy some mulled wine and great pastries at each of these events. Festivals run in every month throughout the year so be sure to check local calendars or even an online search to see if there is anything going on during your visit.

Reaching any of the major cities in South East England is quite easy. There are rail and bus options leaving from London every day. Schedules and fares can be found online and there are attendants who will help you plan your trip at all major bus and train stations. Alternatively if you are short on time you could rent a car in London and be able to access all of these locations within a few hours. Renting a car is ideal as there are a few sights in each city worth seeing before you would feel like checking out something else. With all the castles and historic buildings being so far apart, taking a train or bus is the budget friendly option but renting a car will save you the most time and allow you to enjoy as many sights as your timeframe allows.

South East England is busiest during the summer months when tourists from all over Europe, and the world, visit London during their vacations. While the weather is great it’s a good option to avoid travelling during the summer months. Every attraction will be very busy and in certain areas it will even be hard finding somewhere to eat during dinnertime. The fall and spring are the best times to visit this area. The weather isn’t ideal but there is a definite lack of crowds and other tourists. In many cases you will be the only people visiting the area and can truly enjoy what each city or attraction has to offer. Imagine walking through the Dover Castle with just you and a loved one, with no one else around. Nothing can get much better than being able to truly immerse yourself in a destination.

There are some great activities that can be done when visiting any of the cities in South East England. In Portsmouth you can visit the Spinnaker Tower ( ) and abseil 100m down the side of it. This is a high intensity experience and quite fun for people of all ages. You could also visit some of the popular vineyards in the area and enjoy a tour while sipping on some fine wine. In each city there are guided walking tours available at all major attractions. Some of them are free but the majority of them cost very little and provides very valuable information about the history and culture of the area. If museums or guided tours aren’t your thing you can visit the Llama Park  ( )in East Sussex. There are over 100 llamas and reindeer here that you can pet and play with. You can even book a llama walk for the ultimate llama experience. This is truly a one of a kind attraction and highly suggested for those visiting East Sussex. You will never forget the time you were petting the llama and seeing the smile on your child’s face.  

When it comes to nightlife in the area nothing can compare to London but if you’re looking for a quiet spot to enjoy the evening then there are countless places you can visit. In each city and town there are a slew of pubs and restaurants that will satisfy even the pickiest eater or drinker. These locations are great if you want to get away from the hustle of London and spend some quality time with your family or loved one. There are also many cafes and bakeries where you can sit down and enjoy some tea and a nice pastry. After dark in many of these areas it gets quite quiet which makes it even better for walking around and taking in the sights. South East England has a lot to offer so be sure if you’re living in the area, or simply visiting, you put London on hold and check out everything there is in one of the oldest and historic parts of the country. 

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