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Things to do in Airdrie

Listed below are all the things to do in Airdrie, Strathclyde that we offer through GoBananas.

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Studio Recording Experience Near Glasgow

Make it really special for the hen and record a song on your own voice in our star for a day event and be a diva.



Zorbing Cumbernauld

Get yourself into a spin inside this madcap crazy Inflated Zorb Ball. Pushed off a Hill whilst strapped inside the ball gathering pace. WTF is this all about?



Airdrie in Central Scotland

When one searches TripAdvisor for things to do in a town, one would expect to find a plethora of options to check out during his or her stay. Apparently, the exception is Airdrie in Central Scotland. Located just 12 miles east of one of the busiest cities in Scotland, Airdrie leaves much to the imagination.

Getting there-

Generally a quick 15 to 20 minute drive through the countryside from Glasgow will get you to Airdrie.

Good Times of the Year to Visit-

The Scottish countryside has nasty weather come fall and winter, so visit Airdrie (and Glasgow) in early spring or late summer to avoid the crowds and weather.

Popular Sports and Activities-

The Scottish Highlands are extremely well known for the Scottish Highland Games which take place every summer, so check them out during your stay to see some huge guys throw around even bigger logs.  Of course there is always golf .

Top Sights, Day or Night-

Some of the most popular Airdrie attractions include off-roading, water sports, and golf. Not a particularly stellar lineup, but nonetheless what the city offers. More exciting adventures can be found in Glasgow where you can check out modern art museums, nightclubs like Nice ‘N’ Sleazy, and family friendly activities like the Glasgow Speedway.

Annual Festivals-

The town of Airdrie actually has one of the better festivals in the Scottish countryside. The annual Festivals of Fun provides entertainment for all ages and includes wall climbing, trampoline jumping, Rugby and a ton more. The best part is that it is FREE! The event takes place every summer, usually in July.

3 top bars, clubs and restaurants-

As has already been mentioned, there isn’t a whole lot going on in Airdrie, but if you want a good hot meal or a place to grab a drink we suggest the following 3 places.

  • Lounge. (Traditional Scottish cuisine in a gorgeous Victorian setting)
  • The Club. (Located in Lanarkshire and is a great place to grab a beer and watch the game)
  • Yesterdays. (Local Pub/Club)

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