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Things to do in Farnham

Listed below are all the things to do in Farnham, Surrey that we offer through GoBananas. We can reserve and book more than 250 different and exciting activities and experiences. Everything within 25 miles of Farnham is displayed by activity type below. Choosing stuff to do in Farnham has never been so easy!

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Farnham Activities & Things To Do

While Farnham may not be the first place that pops into your mind when you are thinking of getting away for a few days. This town which is located in Surry does have more than a few things to keep you busy. While only 34 miles from London, Farnham is a far cry from the big city.

Getting To Farnham

You should not have any trouble getting to Farnham. Heading for Surry is easy enough and then it is signposted well enough that you should have no issues at all.

What’s On And When To Go?

Most of the interesting things that are going on in Farnham really require you to go when its going to be dry. As this is the UK, good luck with that! But things like the Alice Holt Forest really are a nice place to go for a family or even a romantic picnic if the weather is right. Farnham Castle is a great place to visit if castles are your thing, but again you really need it dry to get the most from it.


Birdworld (yes they really called it that) is kind of like a zoo..... a zoo that just has birds. Being serious this place is one of the largest bid parks that you will find in the whole UK. And as well as the birds there is also a place in the park called Underwater World which is an aquarium. Penguin feedings, animal encounters and from Easter until the end of October they have a cool flying display. Birdworld is a place where you can easily spend a whole day.

Museum of Farnham, is a place where you can you can see what the town was like in the past. While I doubt you would go to Farnham to specifically check out the way that people lived there in years gone past. It is worth going for a visit if you are there for a weekend.

Farnham Maltings Market is held on the first Saturday of each month. Its a place where you can buy all kinds of old and second hand stuff. As well as this the Farnham Maltings also is home to a cinema and a few places to grab a bite to eat.

Rural Life Centre, hey I can here some of you groaning about the thought of visiting this place. But if you are looking for a throwback to the way people used to live then this is a well organised and pretty cheap place to go and visit. They do have quite a bit of stuff on here such as a live blacksmith. Sure a live blacksmith may not be as cool as seeing a live rock band, but its pretty interesting to see. They are always changing things as well so if you went one year then went back the next year chances are there would be many new things added.

After Dark

If you love to party and go wild...... then Farnham is not really the place for you. Still you can make the drive to London or Guildford if you are really wanting a wild night out. But there are a few places that spring to life when it gets dark in Farnham.

There are a few pubs in the town, but none really worth shouting about. There is sometimes live music in some of the pubs so its worth looking around to see if a live band is on. Farnham does have a student community so there are more than a few places that host a student night or are student bars.

If you want to go out for a drink and something to eat though then there are a few choices for you many of which do have that small town charm that many of the city pubs lack these days. 

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