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Swansea Activity Ideas & Things to Do

Things to Do & Activities for groups in Swansea

Swansea is a  situated on the South West Coast Of Wales. To the west lies the stunning Gower peninsula and to the north lies a traditional rural landscape with a patchwork of small fields and narrow lanes. The recently re-built marina offers numerous water based activities.

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Swansea Day Activities
Swansea Night Activities

Swansea Activities & Things To Do

The coastal city of Swansea is one of the hottest tourist spots in all of Wales. It is a place that is perfect for a crazy weekend away with your mates or even for a family vacation. Just be aware that more often than not you will sound like an idiot as you try to pronounce things in Welsh.

How To Get To Swansea

Some people do have a wee bit of trouble getting to Swansea, but without hurting those guys feelings. Let me just say that it’s all their own fault as really, Swansea should not be a place that is third to find. The easiest way is to get on the M4 and then as you get into Wales you will want to look out for the A483. Truth be told once you get close to Wales as long as you follow the signs you should be fine.

What’s On & When To Go

Without a doubt, Swansea is a place that you want to visit in the summer time to get the best out of it. Now as it’s a costal place this should really not be that much of a surprise to you guys. Of course you can go in the winter if you want. And there are some people who will swear that the only time to visit the city is in the winter months for its gorgeous picturesque scenery. But if you want to have fun then the summer is the time to go as they do have a ton of things on during the summer months.


A city the size of Swansea of course has many great attractions for you guys to have a great deal of fun with. So to make things a little easier here are a few of the “must go” places you need to visit when you hit Swansea.

Beaches galore! Swansea has any great and gorgeous beaches that are perfect on a hot summers day. Ones that are noteworthy are Caswell Bay, Llangennith Beach and Langland Bay. Swansea does have a pretty big surfing scene so keep that in mind and if, surfing sounds like something that is fun to you. Then there are many great instructors who can help you out. But if you just want to kick back with a beer and watch the kids run around crazy then the amazing beaches of Swansea are a great place to do this.

The LC: The LC is the ultimate place for a great time in Swansea. This leisure complex boast the largest indoor water park in the whole of Wales. From water slides to jets of water hitting you in the face this is a great time. The LC also has a spa, a soft play, places to eat and much more going on. You can easily spend a whole day in the LC and have it feel like just an hour has passed.

Skidz Karting: If you want some high speed action then check out, Skidz Karting. Go Karting is a great day out no matter if you are in Swansea with the family or if you are there on a wild weekend with the lads.

Swansea also has some great parks and woodland areas. So if walking is your thing then places such as Pennard Castle, Cwmdonkin Park, Penllergare Valley Woods and Singleton Park just to name a few are great areas where you can go for a walk, take a picnic and enjoy the outdoors.

Swansea as a costal place I am sure you will not be shocked to hear that no matter what your favourite type of food is then, Swansea has you covered.

After Dark

Swansea is a place where many people have had a wild night out. The city boasts a crazy amount of pubs and funky night clubs. That no matter what your scene is when it comes to wetting your whistle, Swansea really does spoil you with its choice. The Kingsway Pleasure zone is legendary with over 10 nightclubs pretty much right next to each other!

Swansea also has you covered if you want to catch a movie or maybe see a play.

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