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Stuff to do in West Midlands

Activities, entertainments and things to do across the West Midlands including Birmingham from GoBananas.

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Birmingham Activity Ideas & Things to Do

The West Midlands is not only a region of central England, it is also a county area. We have included both in our website, mainly for the purpose of confusing you. The West Midlands County is not an obvious County at all. You will probably drive across it 100 times in your lifetime and never know when it starts and when it stops. It has had the misfortune to be a long running experiment by urban planners who have tested the hypothesis that if you build another pounds in one place, they will finally merge into one. The West Midlands is effectively Birmingham, but don't tell somebody in Coventry that that is the case. The inhabitants of Coventry may still feel a fierce sense of local pride, but to the rest of the world, the distinction between Coventry and Birmingham is moot.

If you do visit the area, your experience is likely to be dominated by motorways, for if one thing dominates the landscape and cuts it up into sections, it is the quite remarkable number of motorways that straddled the region. They travel north, south, west, East, North West, South East, North South West, and so on. If you are a lover of rural England, then stay away.

Birmingham may not be the most charming city, but it is one of the largest in the UK. Where once its city centre lacked all charm, a regeneration initiative by embarrassed councillors has turned it into something of a shopping mecca. Suddenly, Birmingham is a chic place to visit.

Being so large, there is an awful lot to do, which as far as we are concerned is absolutely brilliant. Whether you are a local business wanting to do some teambuilding, a party group of friends visiting for the weekend or even an extended family, we can help you find and book something interesting and exciting to do: day or night.

A cursory browse around the site will show you that we have a wide range of different things which will suit different people. They vary from wild and wacky through to relaxing and even educating. Discover if we have something for you here and if you need some help and advice, feel free to contact us and ask what we think. We organise thousands of events every year and over the course of time have picked up a future tricks for organising a party.

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