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Things to do in Swindon

Listed below are all the things to do in Swindon, Wiltshire that we offer through GoBananas. 

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Pole Dancing Lesson in Swindon

Pole dancing lesson demands great skill as the dance movements involves climbing, body inversion and spinning.



Laser Quest near Swindon

The game of Laserquest is in essence a form of Tag but with a twist!



Getting to Know Swindon in Wiltshire

Swindon is located just 80 miles to the west of London and has a population of 185,000.  It is part of a Wiltshire borough which has another nearly 200,000 residents.  The town was mostly used for trade and sits on a major railway line and has two canals that were also meant for trading with nearby communities.

Things to do

The city center is where all the action is.  Revitalized with new courtyards and sidewalks, loads of shopping and inviting restaurants, there are plenty of things to keep occupied for the day.

Swindon also has quite the arts district featuring the Wyvern Theatre, Arts Centre and Library.  So after that nice dinner out, stop by and catch a play at the local theater company.  Support the arts.

The Lydiard House and Park is an ancestral home with sprawling grounds perfect for a quiet stroll while enjoying the pristine landscape.

If you haven’t had enough shopping, try the McArthur Glen Designer Outlet.  Who isn’t in the mood for a bargain?

The STEAM Museum is a railroad museum chronicling the history of railroad in the area.  A great way to learn about the history of Swindon and see life as it was in the 1800s.

If a bit more active scene is called for, there are plenty of water activities to do throughout the borough.  Of course, the canals through the county are perfect for personal watercraft and kayaks.  There are more than 100 lakes perfect for a sunny summer day.

Where to Eat and Drink

The Glasshouse is the restaurant of choice in Swindon.  Elegant yet affordable, the menu here changes quite frequently as the chefs keep up with the freshest ingredients.  They also offer quite a range of wines and vintage stock.

At the city center, there are lots of small restaurants and cafes to grab a quick bite to eat.  It’s a good place to enjoy a nice evening stroll after a light meal.


Swindon is just an hour’s drive away from London so the transportation to and from is pretty easy to navigate.  There is a train stop in town direct to and from London.  Of course, all the major airlines fly into London. 

If you are driving your own car, be warned of the Magic Roundabout!  It isn’t just one roundabout…but five!!!

When to go

The summers are usually very mild with nice weather to enjoy plenty of outdoor activities on the water.  This is the best time for a visit to Swindon since many of the things to do are outdoors.  The winter can be a bit cool with frost being fairly common but no snowfall.  But it can get quite cold in the winter requiring a heavy jacket.    

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