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Bath Stag Weekend Guide


Bath Stag Weekends - Bath, a city that has many attractive features, with its historic backdrop and warm culture there exist a rocking party atmosphere. All this makes Bath a fantastic stag weekend destination.

It's a stunning city, ripe for a great stag weekend, yes there are a few hills, but that's a good thing while you try sober up on the way back to your hotel.


Clays + Clubs Stag Do in Bath

£ 82.50

Stock up your energy to enjoy a morning and evening of clay pigeon shooting and nightclub entry with accommodation and go easy!
  • Location: Bath
  • Min Number: 10
  • Nights: Weekend
  • Blindfold and Comedy Club Bath Stag Package

    £ 99.99

    Take your upbeat mood forward by visiting the comedy houses but if you need some adventure and feel all adrenaline,  blindfold driving is best!
  • Location: Bath
  • Min Number: 10
  • Bath Stag Do 1 Night Package - Cruise and Club

    £ 121.99

    One night Bath Stag package for groups who are time pressured! 1 night accommodation, boat cruise in the morning and lap dancing in the evening. Simple but effective little stag party.
  • Location: Bath
  • Nights: Weekend
  • Quad and clubbing Bath Stag packge

    £ 153.99

    With a 2 night accommodation, followed by a day of adventurous quad bike and then a one night of clubbing with your pals, have fun!
  • Location: Bath
  • Min Number: 10
  • Nights: Weekend
  • Karts and Clubs Bath Stag Package

    £ 159.99

    Zoom past on your karts or party in the bus and then take rest in our accommodation. Use this top package in our list and enjoy your day!
  • Location: Bath
  • Nights: Weekend
  • The place bestows an impressive stag do environment for people. The atmosphere gets wilder in the night with all party creatures ready to hunt out the action.

    Accommodation is not a problem in Bath, the city boasts an array of  accommodation,giving a variety of options for stags. Choose your sleeping base from a number of star hotels, holiday cottages, self catering cottages, B&B's and guest houses.

    There are many tailor made day and night activities in Bath for stag weekend , from biking Weekend Activities  to shooting skills . The days are electric, while the nights can be vivacious and erotic. So make your Bath Stag Weekend a memorable one!

    Located in the South West of England, Bath is easy to get to - only 90 minutes from London Paddington by train and a short drive from the M4/M5 motorways. Bath is 120 miles west of London and just 20 miles from Bristol Airport.

    The train station is in the heart of the city centre and there are plenty of car parking spaces available. Bath is a compact city making it easy to walk around during your visit.