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Bolton Party Guide


£ 3.99

All weekend VIP CARD for usage in some of the 15 top destinations of UK. Great value for money, perfect for your stag or hen weekends!
  • Av Rating (5): 1.0
  • Duration (min): 400
  • Min No: 2
  • High Ropes Near Bolton

    £ 39.99

    2hrs of high ropes near Bolton. Includes professional guidance and safety equipments. Wear footwear with soles with good grips.
  • Av Rating (5): 5.0
  • Duration (min): 120
  • Hill Walking Near Bolton

    £ 44.99

    Half day of Hill Walking near Bolton. Low level walk or a high mountain walk, it is guaranteed fun.
  • Av Rating (5): 5.0
  • Duration (min): 180
  • Min No: 8
  • Min Age: 10
  • Orienteering Near Bolton

    £ 43.99

    3hrs of orienteering near Bolton. Marked control points, basic orienteering navigation. Treasure hunts and a popular event with teams and corporate groups. Tips from experts.
  • Av Rating (5): 5.0
  • Duration (min): 180
  • Min No: 8
  • Min Age: 5
  • Team building tasks and Challenges

    £ 44.99

    Half day of Team Building Tasks and Challenges. Highly motivated instructors, team building sessions, number of tasks given within a time limit.
  • Duration (min): 180
  • Min No: 8
  • Bolton sits as a top stag and hen party destination with a rich blend of activities and events. This stag and hen party venue has got all that you will love any day. From a selection of day time activities which includes adventure activities and exciting treats to a wide selection of night party hideouts. This stag and hen party venue has got a lavish party scene with plenty of clubs, bars and tons of other party hideouts which goes really wild in the night. If nothing going your way, don't panic, we at Gobananas know how to make your last night of freedom special so have a great time partying with mates in this amazing destination which will spark up the mood of your Bolton stag and hen party for sure.