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London Team Building

Team Building Ideas & Activities in London

Discover a wide range of exciting and unexpected ideas for a team building day out with your department or company in London.

Adventure Rally

This activity is fully immersive, groups navigate between 4 venues with a task at each, solving clues along the way.


Indoor Team Building - Scotland

Half day indoor team building session which will do wonders to your team work and coordination skills. Great team games to choose from for your team building day.

London Team Building Events

London is home to some of the largest and most famous events in the world, and there are many smaller events that can be used for team building exercises. Any office team or company has to build strong social bonds if the company wants to grow and expand. A solid and trusting working environment requires teamwork, and the best way to build cooperation is taking your office on a team-building event in London.

The Bluehat Group can help you set up a team building event of any kind that is perfectly suited to your needs. They are situated in London but deliver their services worldwide. They offer treasure hunts to build teamwork and cooperation, music and rhythm, which teach new skills and promotes shared learning and cooking experiences for tasty fun. There is community and charity events that help teams develop empathy in working for a cause, and events that inspire creativity and innovation. Whatever you are looking to improve in your office or company, these team-building activities are made for you.

If your office is a little more adventurous or they need to start getting out their shells then they can try a more exciting or challenging adventure. A circus skills event can give groups the chance to work together in a varying array of difficult and challenging circus activities like flying trapeze juggling and other activities. At an event like this the team will have a unique opportunity to learn, get active and start using their bodies in unison so they learn to work together in the most challenging of environments.

Another fun team building event is a mixology event. This cocktail making class brings together the most popular social pastime, drinking, and combines it with teamwork and learning. A group, team or office will never feel as close and connected as when they are mixing drinks for each other, trying it out and getting a little tipsy in the process. There are several types of events and classes for team building opportunities, and this would be the most unique corporate team-building event your office will ever attend.

If you want your office or team to develop connections and also bring out their creative side then something unique like an Ice sculpting class would be great. It’s almost guaranteed that none of your team would have ever done ice-sculpting so the novelty and excitement to learn a new skill will be foremost in their minds. Deep down though they are learning to develop their creativity and teamwork in coming up with ideas and connecting with each other in this unique teambuilding event. Expert teams of sculptures will guide them through the stages of making an ice sculpture and this incentive is perfect for a unique team building exercise where individuals can bring out their creativity and cooperation in a fresh new way.

There are many other types of team building events to choose, from all types of outdoor activities and adventures, or indoor classes, lessons and unique events. Something that no one has ever done before is the best option because the novelty will be there, and your team will develop a working cooperative relationship while having fun at the same time. 

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