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Indoor Team Building - Scotland

Half day indoor team building session which will do wonders to your team work and coordination skills. Great team games to choose from for your team building day.

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A perfect opportunity to get your team working together.

The sessions require teamwork to resolve and complete the tasks, the importance of clear and concise communication and the need for trust and co-operation between each team member.  All of course done in a relaxed atmosphere.

The Indoor Activities use a set of  36 handcrafted wooden blocks which create three unique scenarios, each with a number of challenges to solve.

Each member of the team selects a card to discover their task.  They must collect a particular combination of blocks - trading and discarding blocks to achieve their goal as quickly as they can - will they choose to attend to their own needs or those of the team?

Each member jointly owns their public company and seek to increase their shareholding by exchanging blocks - this does make things complicated as their customer orders come in...  Team members need to balance the needs of the individual with those of the organisation and the customer - will they manage to gain the maximum score?

Teams are divided into groups of two or more, each with a buyer and a seller.  The aim of this challenge is to increase the assets, with the buyer collecting blocks as described on the task card, while the seller seeks to get rid of the blocks that the task card requires them to sell.   Negotiating skills are put to the test along with nerves.

  • Minimum Number: 10
  • Quick Summary of Inclusions: All Necessary Equipment
  • Duration in Minutes: 240
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