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Dunkeld Party Guide

Chock full of activities, guys and gals have lots to do in this tinsel town of Scotland, Dunkeld. Whether you love to spend your day outdoors or you would prefer indoors, you are guaranteed a whole day and night of interesting events. From a day with racing, wet, shooting and other laid back games to an evening in the nightclubs, bars, casinos and comedy clubs, you have lots to do here. Enjoy with your close pals in an adventurous treat of rage buggies, quad biking or karting or you can enjoy a watery event of rafting, kayaking or canoeing. But if you prefer to enjoy a shooting event, then choose clay pigeon, paintball or target shooting.

Highland Games Tay Package - Includes Air Rifle shooting & Archery

£ 45

Highland Games Tay Package - Includes Air Rifle shooting & Archery. The activities offered are Scottish & traditional. Expert highland dancer & resident Piper.

White Water Rafting in Dunkeld on the River Tay ( October to June )

£ 44.99

Half day of white Water Rafting in Dunkeld on the River Tay From October to June. Provides professional instructors and safety equipments.
  • Av Rating (5): 5.0
  • Duration (min): 180
  • Min No: 8
  • Min Age: 16
  • River Bugs in Aberfeldy 2 hour Session

    £ 59.99

    2 hr river bugs in Aberfeldy includes professional instructors, safety gears and necessary equipment.
  • Av Rating (5): 5.0
  • Duration (min): 180
  • Min No: 4
  • Min Age: 16
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    Talking alone about the day treats doesn't end a stag or hen party. There are tons of evening entertainments for every fun lover. From a list of events where you can slip into the strip clubs and be entertained by gorgeous girls or handsome guys or be in the casinos for a game of poker or blackjack and other fun treats, you have lots to do here!