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Glasgow Hen Weekends, Nights and Activities

Hen Weekend in Glasgow

”Glasgow’s Miles Better” was the brilliantly successful slogan that Glasgow adopted to change its image in 1983. Here at Gobananas we know for a fact that Glasgow IS miles better for a Hen weekend than anywhere else in Scotland. It is friendlier, cheaper and much more fun than the likes of Edinburgh. The dozens of rave reviews from our happy Glasgow hen weekenders reinforce this time and again. Booking with Gobananas could not be simpler- ONE single £10 deposit payment reserves ALL the bedrooms, ALL the activities and ALL the clubs that you might want to include in your ultimate Glasgow Hen weekend

There is something unique about Glasgow when it comes to hen weekends - the culture, the locals and the venues combine together to create an extraordinary party place. Our team at Gobananas have the knowledge and the expertise to suggest the best hotels, the best activities and the best bars and nightclubs. Phone our experts now on FREEPHONE 0800 567 7101 to sort out numbers, prices and activities all for a single £10 deposit! How Simple is that?

Most popular hen packages in Glasgow 

Our Glasgow Hen Favourites

No Frills Glasgow Hen Weekend

 SAVE £20

£ 65.99

Great hen weekend in Glasgow if you are on a budget.  Add other activities to build a weekend to remember.

  • Location: Glasgow
  • Nights: 2 nights
  • Naught But Nice Hen Weekend Package Glasgow

     SAVE £16

    £ 131.99

    This has been our number 1 selling hen package in Glasgow for years, it really is a simple but fun weekend. You can easily add more activities to it.
  • Location: Glasgow
  • Min Number: 8
  • Nights: 2 nights
  • Glasgow Comedy & Cocktails Package

     SAVE £25

    £ 142.99

    A relaxing hen weekend package in Glasgow, great if you want to catch up with friends.
  • Location: Glasgow
  • Nights: 2 nights
  • Adventure Hen Weekend Package Glasgow

     SAVE £12

    £ 140.99

    The evening activities are in Glasgow however through the day you get to explore some of the Scottish highlands, choose from 3 different activities. We can also arrange transport if needed.
  • Location: Glasgow
  • Min Number: 8
  • Nights: 2 nights
  • Rolling with Laughter in Glasgow Hen Weekend

     SAVE £10

    £ 189.99

    One of our more relaxing hen weekend packages in Glasgow, it has proven to be a very popular package over the years.  You can add more activities to it.
  • Location: Glasgow
  • Min Number: 10
  • Nights: 2 nights
  • Glasgow Hen

    For an irreverant view of the city, click on Glasgows Good Points as well as Things to Avoid in Glasgow

    Gobananas is the leading Hen weekend organisers for Glasgow because we save you money, time, and make it all so easy. The best packages are snapped up quickly so call us right way on 0131 516 8222 or 0800 567 7101 to avoid missing out!

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