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Bath Hen Party Ideas

Bath is a perfect place for a relaxing hen weekend.

Bath is famous for two things: The lovely Georgian architecture and the spa waters. So, it is no surprise that Bath is popular with the hen weekend groups who want to relax for a spa day and then have some fun in the evening.

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Why Bath Is A Good Choice For A Hen Weekend

While understandably, Bath is not really going to be the first place that pops into your mind when thinking about a hen weekend. But actually Bath is a really cool old timey style, proper English town. You have some really fun daytime activities in Bath and in the places nearby, but most surprisingly of all, Bath does actually have a fairly wild night life which is just perfect for you ladies wanting to let your hair down and go a little crazy!

Being such a historic city, Bath does have many amazing tourist locations. Two of the most popular places that you will want to check out are the amazing, Jane Austen where you can learn about her most famous works. Also for those of you who love fashion, Bath is home to The Fashion Museum.

Where You Can Eat & Shop In Bath

Bath has what seems like a million amazing places for you ladies to have a nice meal. One place that I really enjoy is The Eastern Eye which is a classy Indian restaurant that has a good mix of really spicy dishes as well as some more mild ones. If you want a nice lunch or an American style brunch then head on over to the Boston Tea Party Cafe where you can have a nice coffee and where you are spilt for choice for a sweet treat.

When it comes to shopping in Bath this is a really cool old school high street style of shopping. By that I mean there is not just one huge shopping centre with a million stores inside. Instead you have many different areas such as a high street, a few smaller streets and even a market as well. Shopping in Bath is a really fun way to spend a couple of hours.

Getting To Bath

Thankfully Bath is very easy to get to. You can get here on the A4 and the A36 very easily. But if you all want to have a few cocktails during the weekend then you can also get the train or the coach. No matter what, Bath is not going to cause any headaches in regards to you ladies getting here.

How To Have A Wild Hen Night

Trust me when I tell you that Bath has more of a wild night life that you would expect. Well here I have for you ladies a few ways to make sure your hen night is one for the ages!

VIP Entry Into ClubXL

Bath has a few cool nightclubs for you to party in and one of the best is ClubXL. The have a few different areas where you can either have a few drinks or where you can shake your ass on the dancefloor. This is regarded by many as the best club night in Bath! To make this an even better night we can make sure that your whole hen party is on the guest list and that you do not have to freeze standing in line!

Komedia Live Entertainment

Komedia is a fantastic venue that many people think of as just a comedy club. And while they do offer many great and funny comedy nights here. There is more to this place than just that. They also offer live stage shows here, live music and there is even a nice café located on the premises as well. If you are looking for a wee bit of live entertainment during your hen weekend then a night at Komedia no matter what is on stage is a fantastic idea.

Male Stripper

One of the best ways to get everyone’s heart pounding little bit is with a hot and sexy male stripper! Here you can hire a stripper who will come to a location of your choosing. So if you want you can have him come to the hotel before your hen night starts. Or if you get the OK from a venue you can arrange for him to come to a bar or club. Watching the bride to be get really excited……. Or even really embarrassed is great entertainment for the rest of you ladies.

Po Na Na Nightclub

This is the kind of nightclub that you want to go to when you are having a hen do! What I love about Po Na Na is that they have many “quiet” booths where you can get away from all the dancing and enjoy a few quiet cocktails to recharge the batteries before getting back on the dance floor. One thing that this club is well known for is their theme nights and special events. It always seems like there is some kind of mental theme night going on here!

Day Time Activities In Bath

Bath has many cool and fun things for you ladies to get up to during the day to make sure your hen weekend is one you remember forever.

Pole Dancing Class

Over the last few years pole dancing has become one of the most in demand activities for a hen weekend. While you very well may pick up a few sexy moves that you can use and you will have a new appreciation for how hard pole dancers work. This is an activity that is actually just all about you and your friends getting together and having a good laugh! So get all dolled up, get in the mood and have some fun here.

Cocktail Making Class

I have no doubt in my mind that you ladies have had more than a few cocktails during your lifetime (hey who hasn’t?) but this is something a little different. Hey, you will still get to drink plenty of cocktails, but this cocktail making class also will teach you how to make the perfect cocktail. Sampling each other’s drinks is a huge part of the fun here and who knows, you may even stumble onto the greatest cocktail ever made!

Spa Day

There are a few different spas in Bath, but I have a real soft spot for this one. For a Spa Day this is your number one choice by a mile. You have a great range of treatments on offer here that will make you feel amazing. Things like a nice facial or a massage are as you would expect, on offer, but the real draw of this place is its amazing open air pool! This place is like you are in some kind of paradise and it’s the perfect way to spend a few hours before your hen night.

Treasure Hunt

Bath is a really picturesque type of city, but I know on a hen weekend you may not want to actually go sightseeing. Well one way of seeing some of the cool parts of the city and also having an awesome time is by going on a fun treasure hunt. Here you and your friends will need to work out a series of clues that will need you on to the next part of your quest. This is a great laugh and even more so if you have a few drinks before you start!

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