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Blackpool Hen Party Ideas

Find out how GoBananas can help you plan a great Blackpool hen weekend

Hen Weekends in Blackpool

If you watch documentaries about Blackpool Hen Weekends your first impression is that the place is a bit of a sh*t hole. But then, if you walk around the back streets of Las Vegas you will form the same impression. The fact that Blackpool or at least most of Blackpool is no great shakes is somewhat irrelevant because the part of Blackpool that really matters for a Hen Party is fantastic fun and it is a legend the world over.

Blackpool Hen Daytime Activities
Blackpool Hen Night Ideas
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Why You Should Come To Blackpool

I think that there is no way that a group of ladies could come to Blackpool and not have a great time. I think it is actually scientifically impossible. Even before you have decided what activities you are going to do. As soon as someone tells you that you are going to Blackpool, you are excited and know you are in for a great time.

Blackpool has just a ton of things that tourists love to do here. It would be impossible to list them all, but a few I really want to recommend are of course first of all Blackpool Tower which no matter how old you are always has you in awe and amazement. And you can do a little celebrity spotting…… well wax celebrity spotting at the Blackpool Madame Tussauds.

How To Get To Blackpool

Blackpool is one of the easiest places in the UK to get to for a hen weekend. There seem to be coaches from all over the UK pulling into hear on what seems like an hourly basis. And there is always the train which is on a pretty direct line to most of the UK. And if you want to drive hop on the A585 and just head towards the tower.

Places To Eat And Shopping In Blackpool

here are a ton of places to eat in Blackpool and finding your own special little place is a huge part of the fun coming here. But I do have a couple of suggestions for you anyway. If you want to eat in a place that is about having fun as much as it is eating then head to the West Coast Rock Cafe. When it comes to a place to recharge the batteries and where you can have a nice snack then Coffee & Cake offers exactly what they say on the sign.

As Blackpool is such a busy place, shopping kind of gets overlooked which is a shame as there are plenty of places to shop here. Hounds Hill Shopping Centre is a nice indoor shopping centre. Blackpool also has a good high street with many different nooks and crannies with different stores.

Daytime Fun In Blackpool

You are almost spoilt for choice when it comes for things to do during the day in Blackpool. To make it fun I have a couple of obvious choices for you and a couple that may take you out of your comfort zone, but that is what a fun hen weekend is all about!


No matter if you want to pretend to be Katniss from The Hunger Games or Brave from, well Brave. Archery is a great outdoors activity that will see you ladies getting to have some fun learning how to shoot a bow and arrow. You can have a fun competition (hopefully friendly) and see who can get the highest score. This is a proven hit with hen parties and it’s a great way to do something outdoors without having to get wet or covered in mud.

Pleasure Beach

What is more famous the Blackpool Tower or the Pleasure Beach? Honestly it’s probably pretty close. The Pleasure Beach is more than just a theme park. It is a place where your hen group can literally spend the whole day! There are of course a multitude of rides for you to go on and have a great time with. They also have plenty places to grab some lunch and have a few drinks and they even have live shows on here as well!

Pole Dancing Party

Here you ladies will get to do your thang (sorry for that horrific slang by the way) and learn how to pole dance. Pole dancing is just so much fun and this place will make sure your hen group has a wild time. The bride to be will be given a special sash and you will even get a bottle of champagne to enjoy when you are all done. If you want some silly and sexy fun then this is what you want to book.


Here I have something for you that may not be everyone’s cup of tea……. At first, but once you get all suited up, put into teams and get ready to play. I am 100 percent sure you will have an awesome time. Paintballing is a game that is going to get you dirty, sweaty, but you will have a big smile in your face at the end of the day. They have various different game scenarios here which helps get you more into the game. I have never heard of a person having a bad time when playing paintball!

Having A Great Hen Night In Blackpool

Blackpool has a great nightlife and here I have for you some things that have proven to be very popular with hen groups who have come to Blackpool!

Dreamboys Strip Show

When it comes to awesome male strip shows you do not get much better than The Dreamboys! These guys are hot! And they will put on the most amazing show you will ever see. These guys do not just stand there on stage doing nothing, they actually put on a show. So come see the Dreamboys and put a smile on all your faces!

The Grand Theatre

For a live stage show there is no place better in Blackpool than, The Grand Theatre! A truly wonderful old style theatre that has a whole host of shows on during the year. When you plan your hen do in Blackpool I highly recommend that you see what show is playing here. It’s not just the stage show, but the whole experience of being in a theatre like this that makes a night here special.

Flamingo Nightclub

This is one of the most famous nightclubs not just in Blackpool, but the whole of the UK! If your hen party wants a wild party then this is the kind of club you come to. Flamingo plays home to some amazing club nights and they have some of the most famous DJ’s playing amazing sets here. If you come to Blackpool and only want to go to one club then this is where you need to go for a wild night with the best dance music.

Ma Kelly’s Cabaret

What is Ma Kelly’s Cabaret I hear you ask, well it’s one of the best cabaret shows in the whole of Blackpool. Ma Kelly’s Cabaret plays home to all kinds of fun live shows from music acts, stage shows, comedians and much more. They also offer some nice food and there is a fully stocked bar. If you want to take in a live show, but you also want to be able to have a whole bunch of cocktails then check out the awesome Ma Kelly’s Cabaret.

Top Packages & Activities

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No Frills-Blackpool Hen Weekend Package

No Frills- Blackpool Hen Weekend Package. Including 2 nights accommodation, nighclub entry on Friday and Saturday.



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