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Newquay Hen Party ideas

Newquay offers a wonderful, laid-back hippy hen weekend.

Having a hen weekend in Newquay is a great option if you are down South.The unique topography of Newquay allows excellent scope for many outdoor activities that you don't get in many places of the UK.

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Why Newquay Is A Great Hen Weekend Location

Ah the nice little seaside town of Newquay. This is a town that is just perfect n pretty much every way for a hen weekend. You have many fun things that you can do during the day here. Some indoors and many that make great use of the Newquay outdoors as well. And there is the nightlife. The nightlife here is really fun and I am sure you hen night will be filled with plenty of cocktails and loads of laughs.

This is a real tourist friendly town and there are many things to see and do here. But one thing that I think really captures the true spirit of Newquay is a nice walk or a picnic on Fistral Beach. Of course in the winter this is kind of tough, but it’s still worth a wander down there.

What To Do During The Day In Newquay

Here are a few ways that you ladies can have some fun in Newquay during the day.

Newquay Zoo

A zoo during a hen weekend? Well yes, Newquay Zoo is freaking awesome and this is the kind of place that you ladies could easily spend a whole day at. You get to check out all kinds of cool animals. Some of them you are even allowed to pet and feed. I would not recommend doing this with some of the big cats! Anyway they have areas to eat and drink and they even have some shows on as well. In all this is just a fun day out.


Asylum Entertainment are the masters when it comes to putting people in big inflatable balls! That is pretty much what Zorbing is all about! You will go into a giant inflatable ball, think of it like the kind of thing a hamster goes in so it can roll around the floor. From there, you have a few different options to you. You can do a little Zorbing on water, you can do it on the beach or you can slam into each other and have a laugh. This is silly, this is loud and it’s what a hen weekend should be all about.

Surfing Lesson

There is a law that says if you come to Newquay for a hen weekend that you must partake in some surfing action…… well I think there is a law. This is one of the best surfing schools in Newquay and they will make sure that your hen party has a blast. They will teach you all the basics of surfing, but really this is more about having fun than actually learning to surf. Let me tell you watching one of your friends fall of the board is always funny.

Coasteering (For All Fitness Levels)

This is a once in a lifetime adventure that not enough people take on! You will all be kitted out in a wet suit and safety gear and then you need to get from point A to point B or Z or however that saying goes. You will need to swim in the sea, wide through shallow pools, climb up rocks, look in and explore caves and so much more. You get to see a side of Newquay that not many people do. This can be quite a tough journey, but they do have different treks to suit all fitness levels.

Eating & Shopping In Newquay

For a nice and intimate dining experience I highly recommend Little Kahuna this is a fun little family run place that has an open kitchen so you can see your food being made and they also have a good menu with many different dishes ranging from a nice Goan fish curry to a slow roasted pork. As this is Newquay you might want to eat on the beach, well the amazing Lusty Gaze was voted as one of the most romantic spots in the country as its pretty much right on the beach.

What To Do During Your Hen Night In Newquay

Newquay has some awesome activities that will keep you busy and having a great time during the day, but the nightlife here is also a good laugh. Here are some of the best places that this little slice of Heaven has to offer.

Berties Club

This is a club that has that VIP edge! If you want your hen night to be special, wild and just down right cool as ice then you need to get all your fine behinds to Berties Club. This on just a regular night is a cool club, but they also attract a ton of great celebrity DJ’s here. Ranging from Aston from JLS, Scott Mills and Judge Jules to name a few. For a great club night, you will find it hard to beat Berties.

Tall Trees Night Club

Three floors, five bars and a ton of different areas to dance or relax make Tall Trees Night Club one of the best clubs in Newquay. Tall Trees love hen groups so if you want you can even book ahead to get on the guest list and they will make sure you are taken well care of and that your hen night is one of the greatest of all time. For a fun night this is the type of club you want to go to.

The Lane Theatre

For a little slice of live entertainment in Newquay you will want to spend a couple of hours in the evening at The Lane Theatre. This is a really nice little venue that plays host to many different types of stage show. One night there might be a live production, another night there might be a comedian on stag heck just the other week they had a psychic medium doing….. whatever it is they do! This is a great venue and a good way to relax after a hard day doing some of the crazy daytime activities that are on offer.

Fistral Beach Bar

Newquay can see you ladies run ragged during the day so at night you may want to have a few nice quiet drinks to recharge the batteries before you hit up a club. Well one of the best places you can do this is the amazing Fistral Beach Bar, this bar is so close to the beach that if it was any closer your feet would be wet. They have a great bar with all your favourite drinks and best of all, just a really cool and laid back atmosphere.

How To Get Here

Newquay is very easy to get to as to be honest if you get on the A30 or the A39 you can get here by keep on heading East. The drive here for many is seen as a huge part of the fun, but as this is a hen weekend, you may find no one wants to drive. Then you can get the train which is always hassle free and ideal for a hen weekend.

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