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Lake District Hen Weekend Guide

Great Weekends For Hens & Girls in the Lake District

Any Hen or Girls weekend away in the Lakes, just by virtue of the amazing scenery is going to be really special- after all 12 million people every year cannot be wrong! The snag for most groups is accommodation and that is where we have it sorted. Gobananas is such a big player, sending 1000's of people every year, we can almost always get great deals on accommodation for you given reasonable notice.

Daytime, it would be a shame not to get outdoors and try out some of the amazing opportunities and activities that the lake District can offer. But don't worry if you are looking for something less strenous, we can book spa and pamper days or even some crazy dance lessons which are always a laugh.

Some of the top money savings packages are highlighted below with endless combinations available. Our team at Gobananas will custom build a weekend for you, offering sound advice based on years of experience- that's what they do every day!

Give them a call on FREEPHONE 0800 567 7101 to start the ball rolling. They are waiting to help you on your way to the best weekend ever!.

Hidden Treasure - Lake District Hen Weekend Package

 SAVE £18

£ 84.99

Well girls...can you work together to find the treasure...can you work out the clues?
  • Location: Lake District
  • Min Number: 10
  • Nights: 2 Nights
  • Dancing Queen - Lake District Hen Weekend Package

     SAVE £24

    £ 94.99

    Come on girls.. it's a chance to show off your moves. This package help you to learn some new ones and allow you to show them off later on.
  • Location: Lake District
  • Min Number: 10
  • Nights: 2 Nights
  • Girls Dirty Weekend - Lake District Hen Weekend Package

     SAVE £23

    £ 144.99

    This package offers and exciting weekend...come on girls this is what you have been looking.
  • Location: Lake District
  • Min Number: 10
  • Nights: 2 Nights