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Leeds Hen Weekend Guide

Hen Weekends in Leeds

Leeds hen weekends

There are over 200,000 students in Leeds, which means a number of things - the existence of approximately 200,000 Peruvian knitted hats, a high level of traffic cone theft and some pretty off-the-hook nightlife. You’re sure to have a memorable hen night in Leeds. It’s an on-the-up city with loads of character and history and it’s jam-packed with pubs, bars, restaurants, shops and clubs. Venture out of the city itself and you’ll find yourself in the breathtaking beauty of the Yorkshire Dales (proved by this website), where vet James Herriot made his name.

We won’t expect you to get your hand stuck up a cow, but you can get stuck into some amazing adventure activities in the Dales. Up-for-it hens can indulge in some go-karting, quad-biking, 4x4 driving, hiking, sailing and raft building. But probably not quite all in one afternoon.


Top Leeds Hen Weekend Packages

No Frills - Leeds Cheap Hen Weekend Package

 SAVE £12

£ 59.99

Girls - its time to get away for the weekend and let your hair down - we have the perfect package for you.....
  • Location: Leeds
  • Nights: 2 nights
  • Shaken not Stirred - Leeds Hen Weekend Package

     SAVE £24

    £ 89.99

    Come on Girls - its time to have some Fun Fun Fun.
  • Location: Leeds
  • Nights: 2 nights
  • Dancing Queen - Leeds Hen Weekend Package

     SAVE £15

    £ 111.99

    Come on girls - show us your moves... this package will help you to learn some new ones and then allow you to show them off later on.
  • Location: Leeds
  • Nights: 2 nights
  • Naughty But Nice - Leeds Hen Weekend Packages

     SAVE £16.00

    £ 129.99

    Out of your group which one of you can be the naughtiest.... there are surprises awaiting you in this package....
  • Location: Leeds
  • Min Number: 10
  • Nights: 2 nights
  • A few Shades of G R E A T fun - Leeds Hen Weekend Package

     SAVE £12

    £ 146.99

    So you have a girls weekend away planned - well have we got a few surprises in this package for you...
  • Location: Leeds
  • Min Number: 10
  • Nights: 2 nights
  • Girls Dirty Weekend - Leeds Hen Weekend Package

     SAVE £24

    £ 194.99

    What an exciting weekend this package offers...come on girls this is what you have been wanting....
  • Location: Leeds
  • Min Number: 10
  • Nights: 2 nights
  • Overnight Adventure Experience in Yorkshire

    £ 236.99

    Head out for clay shooting, segway trail & 4x4 off road driving in Yorkshire. Overnight accommodation & breakfast at a country inn included.

     Top Hen Day Activities in Leeds

    1. Cocktail Making Lessons
    2. Quad Biking
    3. Spa and Pamper Days
    4. Chocolate Making Workshop

    Up and coming Leeds Hen favourites

    1. Pole Dancing Lessons
    2. Treasure Hunts

     Top Leeds Hen Night Ideas

    1. Nightclubs
    2. Comedy Clubs
    3. Cabaret Show
    4. Party Bus


    If you’re looking a different kind of adventure with maybe the chance to pick up a few new skills to spice up your life, then how about a quick course in lap dancing or pole dancing? It's actually surprisingly good exercise, as good as jogging, or so they say (the vertical as well as horizontal kind).

    The city centre is home to enormous range of different accommodation options, from classy five star hotels to cheerful B&Bs, the vast majority of which are very hen-friendly and won’t mind you staggering in at 4am. The ladies of Leeds take their personal grooming extremely seriously so there's also loads of places that will cater to your pampering needs in the way of facials, pedicures, nail design, tanning, massages and saunas so you all look your best when you hit the town.

    Leeds nightlife is brilliant, with those aforementioned thrill-seeking students making sure that the scene is bang up to date and trendy but with a down-to-earth unpretentious vibe too. Friendly, chatty locals will treat you to the famous Northern hospitality as you tour the city’s many bars and pubs, most have which have very civilised late licences. Even later in the night, whether you want to get serious with some grime or belt out ‘Dancing Queen’ at the top of your voice, you’re sure to find the right club that floats your musical boat in Leeds.

    Leeds is the ideal place to enjoy a quality hen weekend away. With a wide range of accommodation facilities, activity areas and shopping centres you can relish a memorable hen weekend while you are in Leeds. The night clubs in Leeds provides a whole array of styles that range from Hawaiian nights to 70’s disco. So whatever you are looking for Leeds has the answer!

    There are so many great places to go to enjoy a fantastic hen weekend. The girls-only celebration deserves due care and consideration, as it is a common fixture in modern society. To cater to the needs of the Hen weekend, Leeds offers specific packages which are packed with fun filled activities. Your flock of hens can indulge in any of the outdoor activities or can choose multi-activity packages that range from "traditional" to more modern and adventurous ones. Have a look at our packages to see what Leeds hen weekend ideas we've come up with, or look at the activities on offer and build your own package using our Party Builder feature!

    They say in Leeds - anything Stags can do; Hens can do better! The night clubs, pubs, go karting, quad bike, 4x4 and pole dancing lessons are some of the great ways to liven up your hen weekend. And, to top it all off, you can get guestlist entry to top class night clubs - after a day spent pamering yourselves, what would be a better way to celebrate a memorable hen weekend in the famous city of Leeds?

    (No, seriously, if there's a better way - tell us by calling 0800 567 7101 and we'll sort it out for you!)