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London Hen Weekends, Hen Nights, Ideas & Activities

If you’re the kind of hens that will accept no substitutes, who want to push the boat out and truly indulge yourselves in the coolest, hippest, most glamorous place in the known universe then it can only be London for your hen party.

No Frills - London Cheap Hen Weekend

 SAVE £11

£ 76.99

All pennies add up to pounds - this package will allow you and the Girls to enjoy a weekend in London...
  • Location: London
  • Min Number: 10
  • Nights: 2 Nights
  • Shaken not Stirred - London Hen Weekend Package

     SAVE £21

    £ 98.99

    So its a girls weekend away - we know whats its like - let us sort it all out for you.....
  • Location: London
  • Min Number: 10
  • Nights: 2 Nights
  • It's Raining Men - London Hen Weekend Package

     SAVE £17

    £ 120.99

    Come on Girls - its your weekend away - let your hair down and enjoy...
  • Location: London
  • Min Number: 10
  • Nights: 2 Nights
  • Dancing Queen - London Hen Weekend Package

     SAVE £19

    £ 139.99

    Come on girls - show us your moves... this package will help you to learn some new ones and then allow you to show them off later on...
  • Location: London
  • Min Number: 10
  • Nights: 2 Nights
  • Be a Star Hen Weekend in London

    £ 159.99

    2 Night London hen weekend that includes accommodation, studio recording session, comedy club and guest list entry.
  • Location: London
  • Nights: 2 Nights
  • Body Beautiful - London Hen Weekend Package

     SAVE £28

    £ 192.99

    Girls...its time for relaxation and to get the feel good factor. This weekend is just what you need.........
  • Location: London
  • Min Number: 10
  • Nights: 2 Nights
  • Sex in the City - London Hen Weekend Package

     SAVE £25

    £ 234.99

    Treat your hens to the life style of Sarah Jessica Parker' this 'Sex in the City Package' offers great centrally .
  • Location: London
  • Min Number: 10
  • Nights: 2 Nights
  • Luxury Hen Spa Weekend - Four Seasons - Hampshire

    £ 438.99

    A relaxing stay in a restored historic Georgian Manor awaits you for a luxury spa weekend....
  • Location: London
  • Nights: 2nights
  • In truth, it needn’t actually blow the bloody doors off your budget. Plan carefully and you can have a wicked time without breaking the bank. In London there’s no single experience that sums it up. You could have a hen night here every year for a hundred years, presuming you had that many friends (if not try this site for a helping hand) and you were happy pinning fairy wings and L plates to a zimmer frame, and you’d still have a hundred different kinds of night. We can hardly sum it up here but the word when it comes to London is diversity and we’re not talking about blimmin’ Britain’s Got Talent. It's not just diverse in terms of the people, the food and the cultures; it's diverse in every other way too. You can go high class and glam with tea or cocktails in famous five star hotels, go alternative and homemade with knitting and jewellery-making, get glitzy in London’s glittering West End (TM) to see a show; it's literally all there for you. The hardest part is choosing.

     Most Popular London Hen Day Activities

    1. London Cocktail Making
    2. London Chocolate Making Lessons

    Up and Coming Hen Favourite Activities

    1. Pole Dancing Lessons
    2. Go Karting
    3. Salsa Dancing

     Top Hen Night Ideas

    1. Party Bus
    2. Comedy Bus
    3. Cabaret Show
    4. Guest List Entry
    5. Ghost Walks

    More stuff on London Hen

    Needless to say that the shopping in London is second to none, not just the centre, but in the cutting edge shopping hubs of both east and west Westfields. Entertainment in London is as eclectic as anything else and again ranges from top dollar at the best seats in the house to free jugglers, magicians and comedians in Covent Garden (Check this guy out). You’ve even got those people painted silver standing still that you can stare at and annoy in between wondering who the hell is mad enough to do such a thing for a living.

    London Hen Weekend Ideas

    There’s no danger of your party coming to an unceremonious end in London. And legendary clubs featuring superstar DJs will make sure you’re never in doubt you picked the right place to hold your hen. Don’t forget that many clubs and hotels do special all-in packages for hen groups involving manicures, cocktails, chick flicks and edible treats, so you can let them do the planning while you just sit back and soak it all up. London quite simply has it all.

    London Town! The land of Big Ben, flashy clubs and red buses; It’s all about never ending fun and excitement. Take a leisurely cruise on the Thames, plan a special buffet lunch with a disco cruise; ransack the shops at Camden Market or hop onto the dance floor and have a salsa time! Just don't forget to explore and experience the enticing charm of London, draped in a marvelous tapestry of outdoor activities and parties in London hen weekends.

    London hen night are just great! Plan a superb hen night theme; whip up something hot, wild or crazy to make a truly memorable hen weekend. Options galore; and the possibilities are countless.

    You can spend the hen night on board a Party Bus to the accompaniment of music and macho dancers. There are stunning live shows and strip tease shows, comedy show,  or dance floors where you can boogie the whole night to the latest hits! If you wish you can even record your own pop song with your friends on your hen do London , learn Bollywood dancing or join a chocolate making party. The countless options in London hen would definitely leave you begging for more! Whether it is your first time on a London hen party or the umpteenth, you are sure to come back for more as the charm remains irresistible every time!

    London is the most exciting city in the world bar none and for hen parties it is paradise on earth with shopping and drinking until the cows come home which is never tho my great aunt used to keep a cow in covent garden for milk... but that's another story

    London hen ain't cheap of course and close your eyes and you're lost, but it is fun. Cheap accommodation deals in the centre of town abound so dont get stuck in some business hotel near Heathrow. London is for walking around in and have a central hotel is key to the plan.

    Much to do?

    Johnson of Johnson's Dictionary (like you don't know) said if you are tired of london you are tired of life. He had a point: London is just too busy for you to sleep: from a 24 hour cafe and club life to theatre, shopping, even hanging out in Hyde Park and nattering and drinking wine. Or click on London Hen Night Ideas for even more great suggestions.