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Manchester Hen Weekend Guide

Manchester Hen Dos and Weekends

Manchester’s famous all over the world and is one of the most visited cities anywhere in the UK - with good reason. Even if your knowledge of Manchester’s music heritage is limited to wondering why Noel Gallagher doesn’t break up that monobrow with a bit of strategic trimming, or all you care about Manchester’s two football clubs is pondering whether you’d rather shag Ryan Giggs or Mario Balotelli, Manchester has plenty to offer hens in search of a good time for the perfect Hen Do.

The city is brimming with swaggering attitude and the confidence that anything that London can do, Manchester can do better.

Our Most Popular Manchester Hen Weekend Packages Below....


Cheap As Chips- Manchester Hen Weekend Package

 SAVE £10

£ 66.99

2 nights in Manchester Cheap As Chips Package. Includes Accommodation and Guest List Night Club Entry on both Hen Nights
  • Location: Manchester
  • Min Number: 10
  • Nights: 2 Nights
  • Shaken Not Stirred - Manchester Hen Weekend Package

     SAVE £20

    £ 87.99

    Great savings on this Manchester Package: Two nights accommodation, Cocktail Making Fun with Guest list Night Club Entry both Nights.
  • Location: Manchester
  • Its Raining Men - Manchester Hen Weekend package

     SAVE £11

    £ 99.99

    Best selling packages in Manchester. Includes accommodation for Saturday and Friday night, pole dance, dream men show, nightclub entry.
  • Location: Manchester
  • Nights: 2 nights
  • Dancing Queen - Manchester Hen Weekend Package

     SAVE £14

    £ 125.99

    Hen package of Dancing Queen Manchester. Includes 2 nights accommodation, nightclub entry, dance lesson and club class bus.
  • Location: Manchester
  • Nights: 2 nights
  • A Few Shades of G R E A T Fun - Manchester Hen Package

     SAVE £15

    £ 146.99

    Few Shades of GREAT Fun Manchester Hen Package. Includes 2 nights accommodation, nightclub entry, pole dance, foreplay lessons, dream men show.
  • Location: Manchester
  • Nights: 2 nights
  •  Top Hen Day Activities in Manchester

    1. Go Karting
    2. Quad Biking
    3. Paintball
    4. Laser Shooting

    Up and coming Manchester Hen favourites

    1. Hovercrafting
    2. Canyonning
    3. Abseiling

     Top Manchester Hen Night Ideas

    1. Nightclubs
    2. Comedy Clubs
    3. Party Bus
    4. Casino



    The rich history and heritage of the city means it’s very easy on the eye and the old rubs shoulders with the brand spanking new. The hotels, spas and health clubs pride themselves on setting the standard for chic luxury, so you’re bound to find somewhere extra glam to hang out and take tea or sip cocktails and get yourselves well and truly pampered. Even if the only culture in your life is on that forgotten plate under the sofa, a Manchester Hen Do will have something in the way of arts and entertainment that will divert you, move you or make you laugh. Find highbrow and the all the music in your favourite adverts at the Manchester Opera House, cutting edge experimental theatre (which probably means some nudity) at the Library or Contact Theatre, raucous comedy at a variety of stand-up venues and fit lads doing the full Monty all over the city!


    Not only has the centre of Manchester got every kind of bar, club and restaurant to suit every mood and pocket, plus top name designer stores if you fancy a bit of retail therapy, but the surrounding Cheshire countryside offers a stunning backdrop (you can see that here) to all your outdoor activities like go-karting, clay pigeon shooting and paintballing.


    Looking for some bump and grind? Those in the know say Manchester’s club scene is the best in the country and the cool thing is it goes on all night (and all morning too). As we all know, some of the hottest blokes and ones that actually care about keeping their bodies in good nick are the lovely gay lads and you can have fun copping an eyeful in Manchester’s vibrant and cheeky gay village. Maybe that’s why they call it Manchester?

    Manchester Hen

    As a venue for Hen Do and Hen Weekends, the northern city of Manchester takes some beating. Formerly a grimy northern industrial town Manchester has transformed itself into a sexy vibrant party mad city with an energy that will drive any Manchester Hen Do just that little but further.

    Mancunians think that Manchester is top whack and who are we to disagree with them when it comes to the perfect place for your Hen Weekend. Famous for its Football teams, famous for bands like Oasis and Stone Roses, famous for its "Coronation Street" characters, and now famous as the Hen Do and Hen Night capital of the north! Ps -you don't have to wear hair curlers on your night out!

    This cosmopolitan city is choc-a-block with exciting bistros and restaurants catering for every culinary whim, from sumptuous Sushi to hard to beat, down to earth "Pie and Peas". Your Manchester Hen Do well be overwhelmed with the choice of lively pubs and bars that range from super swanky establishments frequented by Hunky Football Stars, down to innocent little boozers where your Hen Weekend antics will keep the locals in gossip for years to come!

    The club scene in Manchester gives any major UK city a run for its money, guaranteeing a cracking Manchester Hen Weekend. The city is just crammed with awesome venues, occasionally graced by superstar DJs, which will cater for every Manchester Hen's taste in music from indie through to banging dance! From niche little Jazz clubs to the Halle orchestra, this city has every kind of music to make your Manchester Hen Weekend simply the best!

    The shopping areas of this city exhibit all the major world class brands that make it a shopper's paradise. The architectural beauty of the city provides lot of scope for excellent sight seeing if you're looking for something to do between activites or if you can actually get out of bed the next day!

    The Spas and health clubs allow you to rejuvenate and refresh your body and perhaps piece together what's left of your mind. If you are sporty enough to indulge in recreational activity then the outdoor activity areas available in and around the city centre will provide you with action packed, fun filled moments, packed with memories of your Manchester hen weekend. Activities such as go karting , comedy clubs , clay pigeon shooting, quad biking, pole dancing lessons and paint ball will turn your Manchester Hen Do into a legend! 

    When the sun goes down, the lights come on and the bars, clubs and pubs just ooze a seductive charm- or is that just the booze? For a unique way to travel from pub to club without stopping the party fun-- Book the club class bus NOW, by contacting the helpful Manchester Hen Party booking staff at Gobananas on 0800 567 7101, allowing you a hassle free entry into night clubs and pubs on your Manchester Hen Do. Manchester, the city best suited for celebrations is also a base for stag weekends, birthday parties and corporate events.