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Midlands Hen Weekends

Hen Weekends in the Midlands - Located in the heart of England the Midlands is probably one of the easiest places to get to in the UK.

Top places in the Midlands for a hen weekend:


Nottingham has long been a top destination in the UK for a hen party, no surprises there when you see the array of both day and night activities. You wont find any mention, reference or cheap puns about Robin Hood or Sherwood forest on this site (d'oh). The area around Nottingham plays host to all the top activities for a hen party including the medieval hen weekendspopular pole dancing lessons, medieval banquet and quad biking. Click for more on Nottingham Hen Weekends


Northampton although not a major destination for a hen weekend still has a selection of good activities to choose from. Our most popular activity for a hen party in Northampton is cocktail making lessons followed by nightclub entry. Click for more on Northampton Hen Weekends


Speaking of millions, Birmingham has the highest population in the UK outside of London (sitting at just over 1m) and so is naturally a buzzing place for any hen party. It should also therefor come as no shock that there is a ludicrously high number of of both day and night activities.
To party with the Brummies, click for more on Birmingham Hen Weekends


They say Coventry was the first 'twinned city' in the world, when it partnered with Stalingrad during the Second World War - it would certainly explain the city's love of vodka! Whilst not always an obvious choice for a hen destination, there's more than enough going on in the city to keep you and your friends busy for a few days of fun and adventures! Click for more on Coventry Hen Weekends


The Midlands doesn't get much further west that Gloucester! A whole host of hen-based activities available, and they're enough to keep the party bumping Severn days a week! Click for more on Gloucester Hen Weekends