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Midlands Stag Weekends

gobananas-teamx250Stag Weekends East Midlands - Located in the heart of England the East Midlands is probably one of the easiest places to get to in the UK.

Top places in the Midlands for a stag weekend:



Nottingham has long been a top destination in the UK for a stag party, no surprises there when you see the array of both day and night activities. You sherwood not find any Robin Hood puns here on this site though! The area around Nottingham plays host to all the top activities for a stag party including the targetshoot4- archery, obviously! - blindfolded driving, quad biking and lap dance club entry. Click for more on Nottingham Stag Weekends


Northampton although not a major destination for a stag weekend still has a selection of good activities to choose from. Our most popular activity for a stag party in Northampton is a good paintball session followed by nightclub entry. Click for more on Northampton Stag Weekends