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Nottingham Hen Weekend Guide

Nottingham hen weekends

It may not be the first place you think of for a hen weekend but Nottingham easily ticks all the boxes when giving hens just what they’re after. You may only know it as home of the original hoodie wearer, Robin, but as well as the history and heritage of the city and the gorgeous greenery of Sherwood Forest, Nottingham is bang up to date in terms of pubs and bars, restaurants, clubs and shops and really sets the scene in terms of hen night parties and hen party weekends.

Starting with the nightlife, Nottingham has not-so-quietly established itself in recent years as the home to THE most cutting-edge club scene in the country. It’s the unofficial birthplace of Grime and Dubstep, which (according to the kids) is where it’s at right now, daddio! This means you can pack your dancing shoes confident in the knowledge that if on your hen night party you’ve ‘got to dance’ then you can definitely do it in Nottingham, and whether that’s to the latest tunes or to Kylie and Jason, Nottingham has got a club for you.

No Frills - Nottingham Hen Weekend Package

 SAVE £11

£ 59.99

Its time for you girls to get together and let your hair down for the weekend. Let us help you to sort it out.
  • Location: Nottingham
  • Min Number: 10
  • Nights: 2 Nights
  • Shaken not Stirred - Nottingham Hen Weekend Package

     SAVE £18

    £ 139.99

    So its a girls weekend away - we know whats it is like. Let us sort it out for you.....
  • Location: Nottingham
  • Min Number: 10
  • Nights: 2 Nights
  • Naughty but Nice - Nottingham Hen Weekend Package

     SAVE £16

    £ 149.99

    If you girls love taking up risks which combines some fun on your hen party then, this is the Hen Package for you!
  • Location: Nottingham
  • Min Number: 10
  • Nights: 2 Nights
  • Hidden Treasure - Nottingham Hen Weekend Package

     SAVE £16

    £ 152.99

    Well girls, can you work together to find the treasure? Work out the clues!
  • Location: Nottingham
  • Min Number: 10
  • Nights: 2 Nights
  • Top Hen Day Activities

    1. Go Karting
    2. Quad Biking
    3. Paintball
    4. Laser Combat Shooting

    Up and coming Hen favourites

    1. Hovercrafting
    2. Chocolate Making Workshop
    3. Pole Dancing Lessons

    Top Hen Night Ideas

    1. Nightclubs
    2. Comedy Clubs
    3. Butler in the Buff
    4. Party on a Bus


    Nottingham is famed for its historic pubs steeped in character but it’s also got more than its fair share of chic n’ shiny bars for the extremely sophisticated. No-frills hens that wanna down pints of foaming nut brown ale will be in their element with the range of tasty British brews, and Cheryl Cole wannabes can satisfy their taste for the sophisticated hen party with cocktails or champagne in the luxury setting of the five star hotel bars.

    Don’t forget that Nottingham has a thrusting (quite literally) student population. Anyone who knows anything about those young students knows they can go all night, eh girls? And hen friendly Nottingham keeps up with them too and the clubs rock away well into stupid o’clock, so any hardcore hens will have loads of time to play all those hen night games, so you won’t have to worry about the party being brought to a close early.

    During the day you will never be stuck for hen party ideas here in Nottingham! You can be as active as you like (depending on what you’ve been up to the night before, of course!) Get stuck into some archery, burn it up with some go-karting or run around firing paintballs at each other. Maid Marion never had THIS much fun on her Hen Do! Now you’ve burned off a few calories, indulge yourself in one of the stand-out restaurants that populate the city of Nottingham, including some with Michelin stars to really treat yourselves or alternatively get medieval on yo’ ass with a 12th Century-style banquet.

    You won’t regret choosing Nottingham for your hen weekend, so pack your hoodie and your green tights and get there – even if you have to steal from the rich to do it!

    Party activities for the choicest and difficult gals to entertain, no matter whether you prefer mild or wild. Some of the hen day activities you can choose from include burlesque lessons to rage buggies or water-based like hover crafting and whitewater rafting or even the tranquil spa treats.

    We can also get really great accommodation as part of your hen package to suit all budgets.

    Give us a call on 0800 567 7101 and we will get everything sorted out for that perfect hen night or weekend!