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Been There Done That

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  • Length of Game: 20 mins
  • Minimum Number Required: 5

Been There Done That - Hen Party Games

This is a guessing game for all the guests to participate in. Ask the guests to sit in a circle so that they all can see each other. Hand each person a pen and a piece of paper. Ask them to write down on the paper something funny or unusual that has happened to them that relates to dating or men.

Ask the married ladies to think back on their honeymoon night.


Pass the answers to the bachelorette. She then reads them out loud and tries to guess who wrote what. This can be very humorous and revealing!! Here are some of the responses we saw at another website where they played this party.


"For our honeymoon I had bought a different sexy lingerie outfit for every night of the week. On the second night, I put on my leopard print g-string with matching skimpy bra. When my husband saw me he burst out laughing. I ended up wearing one of his t-shirts to sleep in the rest of the week."

"While on a date once we stopped at the mini-mart to pick up some colas. My date got out of the car and ran inside. When I saw him go inside I had to release some gas. Next thing I knew he was knocking on the door to ask me if I wanted anything to eat. I was so embarrassed, the car reeked so bad."

"When I was on one of the first dates with my husband I had on a knockout skirt and blouse. I went to the washroom and came back out. We then went to the mall. It wasn't until 3 hours later when I had to use the washroom again that I noticed the bottom back of my skirt had been tucked up in the back of my nylons the entire time. I guess he liked what he saw. He married me."

What you need

  • Pens and paper - make sure pens are all same

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