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Saucy Scrabble Strip

3.0/5 rating (6 votes)
  • Length of Game: 40 to 60mins
  • Minimum Number Required: 3
  • Complexity: easy

This is a spiced up version of the mind numbingly boring game of Scrabble. Very funny as only rude, sexy or downright filthy words are allowed.

Lower your standards and have a great laugh. Any word including slang is allowable providing 2 or more people have heard of the word before. 

Usual scrabble rules apply apart from the forfeit at the end. 

What you need

  • One Scrabble board for every 4 players

How to play

Set out the scrabble board(s) and allocate the scrabble tiles follwing the normal scarbble rules. Impose a strict time limit like 2 mins max for every player to put down tiles otherwise the game can drag. 


Remove 1 article of clothing.

  • No tiles put down at your turn. 
  • Any word that is judged not to be rude, saucy or filthy.
  • Taking more than 2 mins to place tiles

The game finishes when one player has less than 7 tiles left  with no more tiles to uplift. This is to prevent the game going on and on with everyone ending up starkers.

Each player counts up the value of the tiles in their hand. The winner is the player with the highest running scrabble word score less the value of the tiles in their hand.

End of Game Forfeits:

  • Winner: removes no more articles of clothing
  • Runner up: Remove 1 article of clothing
  • Third place: Remove 2 articles of clothing
  • Fourth Place: Remove 3 articles of clothing


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