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Star Wars Drinking Game

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Star Wars Drinking Game

wine7To play the Star Wars Drinking Game, you will need The Star Wars Trilogy (one movie for a short game) An ample supply of your favorite beverage. A really good sound system, so the explosions seem to happen all around you. Kapow! (optional) Begin by inserting your weatherbeaten "Star Wars" videotape into the big slot on your VCR. Dim the lights for dramatic effect, and play the tape. The game begins right as "20th Century Fox" appears on the screen. Once the game has begun, you watch the movie for the listed events. Every time one of them occurs, everybody takes a sip of their drink. Drink when Someone has a bad feeling about this. It's their only hope. An entire planet is described as having one climate. Somebody gets choked. A woman other than Leia is on screen An old Jedi starts to ramble about the Force. (Vader counts.)

Somebody's hand gets cut off. A gigantic technological marvel explodes in a single blast. There is a tremor in the Force. It's not someone's fault One or more heroes are almost eaten by a Thing A Jedi is much more powerful than he looks Someone exclaims "No!" Someone does something apparently suicidal that turns out to be a good idea Twice if it's not Han Someone wears the same outfit in all three movies--it counts if they change at the end Someone is mind-controled using the Force People kiss A good guy wears white or a bad guy wears black Twice if a bad guy wears white and a good guy wears black (for uniforms, only the first person on screen counts) Three times if someone hovering in between wears gray Every time you find yourself talking to the people on screen An elaborately made up alien has no lines Someone or something tries to get money from Han Some ship crashes into something after being hit. Someone has a light saber duel (includes just using light saber)

An Ewok dies, and the camera lingers longer than it did when the Death Star exploded, killing billions of people. (Fourteen seconds. Count'em.) It is Luke's destiny. Luke whines. Luke discovers a long-lost relative. Luke fights monsters or savages. Luke does some nifty acrobatic flip. Luke teeters on the brink of a chasm. Luke is upside-down Luke and Lando are in the same place at the same time Twice if they speak to each other Luke's parentage is Foreshadowed Luke refuses to take someone's advice Luke yells "Artooooo!" Leia insults somebody.

Leia wears an outfit that covers everything except her face and hands Twice if it covers her neck Three times if she's almost totally nude Obi-Wan Kenobi materializes for a guest appearance. Obi-Wan Kenobi plays detective. ("...Only Imperial Stormtroopers are so precise.") Han brags about the Millenium Falcon. Anybody insults the Millenium Falcon.

Something doesn't work on the Falcon Twice if it's the hyperdrive Yoda uses bad grammar. Yoda talks like a fortune cookie. R2-D2 gets thrashed. R2-D2 plugs into the wrong socket and his head spins around. C-3PO loses a body part. (Take two drinks if he is completely dismembered.) C-3PO informs us of just how many forms of communication he's familiar with A Rebel pilot is of a race other than white Twice if they're non human (co-pilots count) A Rebel Pilot says "Nice Shot..." A Rebel Pilot says "I've been hit..." Tarkin brags about the Death Star.

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