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Video Scavenger Hunt Hen Party Games

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Video Scavenger Hunt

This is one of the most popular hen party games and one of my personal favorites. The reason I love Video Scavenger Hunt is that, no matter how many times you host/attend a party where this is played, the game is always different. Divide the guests into teams. Each team must have a video camera and a tape (in your invitations, you can ask guests to bring these supplies). The teams compete to be the first to return to the spot of origin with a videotape that shows them completing every task from a list provided in advance. You may also include this list in your invitation. (You may want to set up folding chairs, theater style, in front of your TV. Tie a couple of balloon bouquets to the chairs.)

Your list of required stunts and hen party activities to be videotaped by the teams can be as creative as you want. The list should contain no more than 15 or 20 stunts because each group/team will have only an hour and half to videotape as many as they can The guests should be given an exact time to return to the party venue. If not back on time, the team is either disqualified or has points deducted for tardiness. Once everyone has returned, the videotapes are played.

The guests vote on the stunts presented in each videotape as follows:

  • 1 Point: The stunt was completed, whether done well or not.
  • 2 Points: The stunt was completed with creativity.
  • 3 Points: The stunt was exceptionally creative.

Five bonus points are awarded to any team that comes up with an original stunt and tapes it. For example, one team's videotape showed a big, husky male team member walking into a department store and trying on bras in the middle of an aisle as other team members, with straight faces, critiqued the way each one fit. The team with the most point wins. You can orient all the events toward wedded bliss. Here are some ideas: One of the members of the team standing in front of (or sitting on) a statue. Several members of the team joining a street entertainer in his/her act. A stranger singing the national anthem. One or more members of a team standing under a public clock at an exact time (such as 8:23 p.m.) A member of the team singing a 70s song on a stage.

A member of the team singing "I Wish I Were an Oscar Meyer Wiener" while standing in the hot dog section of a local grocery store. A member of the team standing on a surfboard. Any stranger from the state of (pick a state other than your own). Depending on the time of the year members of the team standing in front of a lighted outdoor Christmas tree, waving an American flag, offering Valentine's candy from a heart-shaped box, carrying an Easter basket while pretending to search for Easter eggs, etc. A friend or acquaintance "abducted" and brought back to the party. A team member helping to carry a stranger's groceries. A stranger trying to spell i>i>i>i>i> (a word of your choice, hors d'oeuvres or potato is always a great one). A team member opening a door for a stranger while asking for a tip.

A stranger reciting the names of all the continents. One or more hen weekend members of the team singing at a karaoke bar. A couple dancing to department store or elevator music. A team member reading a book or reciting a poem to a stranger. A team member going to a department store and trying on a shirt or dress that is several sizes too small, then asking the clerk if it fits. A stranger who has been to (a particular tourist attraction of your choice). A stranger demonstrating the Macarena. A stranger named Bob. A stranger who knows your state flower. A stranger who can imitate John Wayne. A policeman drawing a chalk line on the ground around one of the team members. A team member filling a stranger's car with gas, washing the car's windows, and checking the oil. One or more team members standing beside a tombstone.

A team member sitting on a fire truck with a fireman. Road kill (an animal that has been run over on the highway). A team member standing by the greeter at a Wal-Mart and greeting the customers. A team member asking a hardware store clerk to explain the difference between a flat head and a Phillips head screwdriver. Team members standing in a row arranging their bodies so that they spell a certain word. A team member washing dishes at a restaurant. Team members singing an Elvis song while standing under a neon sign. A team member holding a chicken.

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