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Peterborough Hen Weekends, Hen Nights and Ideas

Peterborough Hen Weekends - The pretty hens out there can raise a toast to the party city of Peterborough, which basks under the rich legacy that spans over 3000 years. The city offers you an impeccable pick of shopping and leisure pursuits, which would leave you, spoilt for choices.

Ayr right who wrote that above!  We can do all the popular hen activities in Peterborough, just get in touch with our team.


Off Road Rally Karts & Quads Biking Near Kings Ripton, Huntingdon

£ 55.99

2 hours session of 15 min briefing and 3 heats of practice sessions near Kings Ripton, Huntingdon of multi activity. Safety briefing and equipments provided.
  • Duration (min): 120
  • Min No: 8
  • Hen Weekends and Party nights with GoBananas in PeterboroughThe timeless Norman cathedral with a sky scraping west front presides over the city centre majestically. All the tourist attractions lie within an earshot and can be easily accessed. There are countless museums, castles and palaces to walk down the memory lane; a nostalgic steam engine train ride to the bygone era and a ghost tour through the haunted Peterborough museum, which would nicely fit in your day’s itinerary. The nature aficionados can laze around the endless meadows and wooded plains of its quaint countryside of thatched roofs and stone houses.

    Take a look at the many historic houses and manicured gardens dotting the landscape, experience the tranquil surroundings with thatched roofs and mellow stone houses set against the rolling grasslands in its countryside. Do not forget to stop by Flag Fen, the famous Bronze Age site with a 3000 year old history. Here take a closer look at some of the well preserved ancient timbers in peat.

    The city centre is an ideal flag off point for a treasure hunt or murder mystery, there are the customary hen party add-ons such as paint balling, clay shooting or archery in plenty. If you are on the look out for activities with a larger than life image, do not let axe throwing and falconry slip through your fingers!

    There are many pubs and clubs for pub crawling hens where you can dance and dine to the live music of some of the best bands in the region. If you are not into clubbing then try something equally scintillating. A party decker is all that is required for you to bang on to some of the happening places in the town to catch the erotic dancing of macho boys and much more! Get wired to face the onslaught as dawn cracks in the horizon!